Iran wants its own version of Google Earth

The Iranian suspicion of Western mapping systems is getting a little silly.

Massive update rolls out to Google Street View

Google has just added 250,000 miles of roads in what it is calling its biggest update ever for its Street View platform.

Google Maps app tips up on iOS 6

Apple caused quite a stir by removing Google's Map app from its latest iteration of iOS. 

Rogue Street View engineer is identified

Marius Milner may not be on the FBI's most wanted list, but his actions are causing just as much of a stir.

Google updates Maps on Android

Google has revamped its official Google Maps app for Android.

Google Maps takes a step indoors

The same kind of information and visual depiction you've come to expect from Google when looking for a store or building will now go with you when you step inside said location.

Whee! Google adds helicopter view for route planning

Planning a trip can be fun - but getting directions usually isn't. While it's one of the most-used features on Google Maps, it's all generally a bit of a chore.

Google to take Steet View down the Amazon River

Google has embarked on an Amazon journey, and we're not talking about the online bookstore.

Google Maps adds weather layer

Google's added a new layer to its Google Maps application, displaying  current temperatures and conditions around the globe.

Google launches live transit updates

Google surely had us poor carless souls in mind when it created a new feature in Google Maps for mobile and desktop: live transit updates. 

Create your own Google map

Google is looking to hugely increase the amount of information stored on Google Maps.

Google Maps app hits 50 million downloads

The first Android app to reach 50 million downloads is none other than Google's own GPS service, Google Maps.

Android Google Maps to get a whole lot cooler

If you're anything like me, when you load up Google Maps on your Android phone you're either frustrated or have just learned to live with its slow load times and lack of reliability. That's going to change.

Nicaraguan raid blamed on Google Maps

El Salvador and Honduras famously went to war in the 1960s over a game of football. And now those their southern neighbors, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, are squaring up to each other across the border - and it's all the fault of Google Maps.

Apple buys digital mapper Poly9 to fight Google

Realizing that Google's mapping and location services are still superior to what it has, Apple has reportedly acquired a Canadian mapping company called Poly9.

Dell details Streak tablet specs

Dell has confirmed that its Android-based Streak tablet will feature a 5-inch screen, 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 2GB of internal dedicated storage and Micro SD memory expandable up to 32 GB.

Google Maps gets cycle routes following petition

Google is adding cycle routes to Google Maps, allowing users to plot the best routes in 150 cities across the US.

Florist convicted of hijacking Google Maps

A New Zealand florist found a good way of steering customers away from her competitors - she just altered their listings on Google Maps.