How to save money, become magically famous, and change your life with Google Glass!

Today, for one special day, you’ll once again be able to buy, for a measly $1,500, the Alpha product from Google called Google Glass. Most folks get paid to test Alpha products, but you lucky people will get to do it for the cost of a really nice TV.

A Google Glass Affair

A lot of times romance can happen in the workplace because a lot of us have little time for anything other than work. So it wasn’t surprising to learn that the co-founder of Google, and an executive at Google Glass, ran off together. 

Withdrawing money at cash machines with 'Google Glass'

Taking photos with a wink, checking one's calendar with a glance of the right eye, reading text messages — the multinational cooperation Google wants to make it possible with Google Glass.

Report: Google Glass could help stop emerging public health threats around the world

The much-talked-about Google Glass — the eyewear with computer capabilities — could potentially save lives, especially in isolated or far-flung locations, say scientists.

Why Google Glass will ultimately fail

Life is best lived rather than observed. If the name Google wasn't attached would you care that much about Google Glass? I don't think so. And, you look douche-y and self-absorbed and just plain creepy when you have them on, and when people realize what you can do with them.

Samsung to take on Google Glass in 2014

The Korea Times reports that Samsung is planning to debut a Google Glass competitor at IFA 2014.

Google's 'Pay Per Gaze' and the Future of Connected Advertising

Google may currently have no plans to insert advertising into its nascent Glass product, but the patent the company was recently granted for “pay-per-gaze” technology hints at an ad platform that elevates pay-per-engagement to a whole new level.While Google has played down the notion of rolling out anything ...

Mercedes Is Testing Google Glass Integration, and It Actually Works

Mercedes North American R&D head Johann Jungwirth snaps a photo of our reporter testing out the automaker’s Google Glass integration.I put the car in park, unplug the phone, and put Google Glass on my face. Within seconds, I’ve got step-by-step directions to a coffee shop down the street ...

Google Glass and Autism: an opportunity to do some good

Teenage freshman at Stanford has a project that uses Google Glass to help people with autism to read another person's emotions. Autism is characterized by deficiencies in social interaction, emotional and non-verbal communication.    According to a report in Medical Daily:  

Google Glass gets a software update

Google Glass may not yet be ready for prime time just yet, but Mountain View is rolling out updates to improve the nascent user experience for Glass Explorer participants.

Browsing the web with Google Glass

Google Glass may still be in a relatively nascent stage, but that hasn't stopped the stampede of developers to the new wearable platform.

Google Glass versus Oculon's Smart Glasses

Oculon is a Taiwnese company that does some pretty cool head mounted display and heads up systems. At Computex they showed Google isn't the only game in town.

Where does Google Glass rank on the douche-wear scale?

Douches rule the world. There is empirical proof of that. They are everywhere. Google Glass will be their mind control mechanism. It will also stop all procreation. You have been warned non-douches. 

Google Glass probed

Eight members of the US Congress sent a letter to Google CEO Larry Page, raising concerns about Google Glass and its eavesdropping potential.

Man can't live without Google glasses

Arch-tech evangelist Robert Scoble posted a two-week review of Google Glass over the weekend - the do-no-evil company's approach to integrating technology into eyewear - and it is passionate to say the least, insisting that he barely took them off - except to go to sleep.

Yes, Google Glass can be modded and hacked

Barring any last minute changes, it seems as if Google's upcoming Glass tech will be hacker and modder friendly, just like Mountain View's Nexus indigenously designed phone and tablets.

Google raises a glass to itself

The first Google Glass devices have already started rolling out the developers and tech enthusiasts, but public availability is expected some time next year. 

Microsoft wants to take on Google Glass

Google's Glass has yet to hit the streets, but the folks at Redmond are already thinking about how best to compete against the futuristic device.

Google Glasses offer Orwellian nightmare

While the geekier of us have been frothing at the mouth dreaming of ugly glasses that are sort of like smartphones, one group is dead against it: Stop The Cyborgs argues that technology trends are leading the world into a future where "privacy is impossible and central control total".

Google Glass app identifies people by their clothes

The first - very creepy - third party app for Google Glass has been unveiled. InSight is designed to recognize people on the basis of their clothes.