Ancient Antioch meets Google Earth

There's a map of an ancient Syrian trade route that shows how one city's political sway extended farther than once thought. This map isn't a time-worn and mysterious etching on a stone tablet. Turns out it's easily found on a different type of tablet – the kind with apps.

Iran wants its own version of Google Earth

The Iranian suspicion of Western mapping systems is getting a little silly.

Island ‘undiscovered’ by scientists

An island that was present on international maps and Google Earth has been found not to exist by scientists aboard an Australian Marine National Facility research vessel in the Coral Sea off the North-eastern tip of Australia. 

Atlantis "grid" disappears from Google Maps

One of the greatest mysteries and legends of Greek mythology is the lost island of Atlantis. 

Google Earth fills in the gaps

If you are a big fan of Google Earth, you will definitely appreciate the new update. Yes, version 6.2 of the popular app ditches all the gaps you normally have to deal when exploring the planet.

Google Earth used to generate 'typhoid maps'

There's a pleasant pub in London's Soho called the John Snow - and right outside stands the defunct water pump which Snow shut off when he realized that its water was giving the local residents cholera.

Google releases Android 3.0-optimized 'Earth' app

The new tablet version of Google Earth has been released.

Google goes down on bended knee

Hurrah! The great day is here. And to celebrate, Google is parading its monarchist sympathies.

Archeologist discovers thousands of ancient sites - on Google Earth

The trouble with being an archaeologist is that it's actually quite hard work. It tends to involve quite a bit of digging stuff up, often under a baking desert sun.

Google Earth gains seamless Street View integration

Google's brought a new level of realism to Google Earth, incorporating a more seamless Street View mode and three-dimensional trees.

Google Earth reveals Syrian missile base

A number of (relatively) recent satellite photos displayed on Google Earth indicate that the Syrian army has constructed a Scud missile base near Damascus.

Ayn Rand fan 'writes' world's biggest message

Fed up with the world's unaccountable failure to embrace Ayn Rand's ultra-right-wing philosophy, a man has used the entire United States as a canvas to spell out his message.

Apple buys digital mapper Poly9 to fight Google

Realizing that Google's mapping and location services are still superior to what it has, Apple has reportedly acquired a Canadian mapping company called Poly9.