Getting out of shared endorsements in Google ads

Google has made Google+ very difficult to avoid. Now, it is leveraging Google+ to get you more involved in selling its ads. Opting out is pretty simple. But, you need to work at it.

Facebook and Google want you to shill for their advertisers

The great thing about social networks is that everyone on them is susceptible to becoming Soylent Green for advertisers. Facebook really doesn't give a damn about your privacy. Google just announced that it will take your Google+ reviews and chuck them up in ads. You won't care because fake friends are so much easier than real friends.

Google Helpouts seems like deja vu

A few years ago, way back in the late 90s, Citrix Online, the maker of GoToMeeting, was known as Expertcity. They had a service to provide computer help using experts who would connect to users via a browser based screen sharing application. That didn't work out so good so, they pivoted and created GoToMyPC and then GoToMeeting.  

Google kicks off I/O 2013 with All Access music for Android

This morning, Google kicked off its 6th annual I/O conference with over 6,000 devs at Moscone Center in San Francisco, 460 I/O Extended sites in 90 countries, and millions around the world who tuned in via Mountain View's livestream.

NASA's Google+ Hangout links Space Station, "Star Trek Into Darkness" crews

The director, a writer and some actors in the film "Star Trek Into Darkness" will join NASA as it hosts a Google+ Hangout from noon to 12:45 p.m. EDT, May 16, about how work aboard the International Space Station is turning science fiction into reality.

Google launches Facebook-like sign-in button

Google's taking a leaf out of Facebook and Twitter's book with the launch of Google+ Sign-In, which allows users to log into web sites using their Google+ credentials.

Google+ revamped - but developers not happy

Google has tweaked its Google+ social network, claiming it's now more functional and flexible - but has riled developers by failing to give them any warning.

Google+ gets a big upgrade

I've had a Google+ account since the social networking site first kicked off, yet I must admit I almost never use it.

Pinterest overthrows LinkedIn, Google+

In just a few short months, a new name in social media has taken everyone by storm.

Digg founder joins Google

Digg this - the man who created Digg is now working for Google.

Google integrates Google+ and Google Voice

Google has integrated its new social networking platform with its voice-over IP service.

Google+ now open to teenagers

Google+ is now open for the over-13s to join, bringing the social network in line with rivals Facebook and MySpace.

Google+ rivals create 'Don't Be Evil' add-on

Engineers from Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have created a browser add-on that they say cancels the effects of Google's bias towards Google+ results.

Google+ membership shows December spurt

Google+ now has more than 62 million registered users and is adding more at the rate of 625,000 a month.

Holy streaming, Batman! There's a new Youtube

Google has just completely overhauled the Youtube interface and you'll barely even recognize it when you see it for the first time.

Google+ picture uploads reach 3.4 billion

Though it has only been around for 100 days, Google says more than 3.4 billion photos have already been uploaded to its new social network, Google+.

Google kills off Buzz

Google's announced that it's to shut down its Buzz social network to focus on Google+.

Google engineer apologizes for 'rant'

The Google engineer who yesterday made the mistake of posting criticism of Google+ publicly has withdrawn what he calls a 'long opinionated rant'.

Google+ slammed by...Google engineer?

A Google engineer has publicly criticized the recently launched social networking platform on... Google+.

Google+ hemorrhages users as novelty wears off

Well, if you haven't got round to joining Google+, you now have a good excuse not to bother: many of those who did have abandoned it.