The Wolf of Wall Street: F Bombs Away!

Scarface hit its 30th anniversary last year, and one of the many things it’s known for is how many times the word f*ck is uttered. Reports vary as to how many times the F bomb is dropped throughout the film, in some scenes it’s hard to hear over the music, but it’s certainly in the two hundred range. 

The magic of spontaneity in movies

In rock and metal, usually the best guitar solos were improvised on the spot, and it's practically impossible to recapture that moment the same way again.

Will Martin Scorsese reinvent 3D with Hugo?

Being a long time Martin Scorsese fan, I was certainly quite interested to learn that he’s made a movie in 3D, and a children’s film to boot. 

Pay phone nostalgia

In a funny bit of serendipity, I was talking with somebody the other day about things that make you feel old, and this person told me his young son saw a pay phone in a movie and asked, "What's that?"

What you can learn from the Mob when you're legit

You have to be tough, cold-blooded, and ruthless to survive in organized crime, and the same can often be said for many places in the real world.

Goodfellas behind the scenes

I can attest it's probably easier to get the Pope on the phone than to get an interview with Martin Scorsese, and we all know that attempting to get an articulate answer out of DeNiro in an interview is akin to trying to part the Red Sea.