AMD stock slumps

Although AMD has seen better days, the stock had quite a rally in the first half of the year. Propped up by encouraging console design wins, AMD gained 83 percent this year, but now it is tumbling back again. 

Dump your HP stock. And now

Goldman Sachs, the outfit which gave such sterling advice during the subprime mortgage scandal, has warned shareholders to dump HP stock.

Were Facebook investors misled?

Facebook is being accused of advising some - but not all - underwriters to cut their forecasts for the company in the run-up to its IPO.

Yelp hires Goldman Sachs & Citigroup for IPO bid

Yelp has enlisted the help of Goldman Sachs Group and Citigroup as it prepares to go public.

Report: Facebook valued at $100 billion+

Facebook has exceeded all predicted profits as reports say it’s on track to make $2 billion this year alone, revaluing the company at a staggering $100 billion or more. 

Analysis: Facebook’s investors looking for exits

A group of Facebook’s investors are looking to get rid of their shares. The slow death of Facebook has begun.

No, the Saudi king is not buying Facebook

Dozens of middle eastern newspapers and blogs have falled for a spoof article suggesting that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is planning to buy Facebook.

Facebook secures over $1 billion in foreign investments

Facebook has managed to secure $1.5 billion in funding after issuing an invitation to investors just a few short weeks ago. 

No piece of Facebook pie for you!

Were you one of the lucky people who received an email from Goldman Sachs asking if you’d like to invest in Facebook? Well, too bad - because that lucrative piece of FB pie is now off-limits.

Would you invest $2 million in Facebook?

If you had a chance to invest in Facebook, would you do it? Well, Goldman Sachs is giving its clients the opportunity - but at a cool $2 million minimum.

Steve Jobs gets his own iSitcom

As if we didn’t have enough rubbish to watch on TV, we may soon be treated to a sitcom based on Steve Jobs and his huge ego.