These $600 Android-powered Oakley goggles are so cyberpunk

Some days it really seems like Google's wildly popular Android operating system is popping up everywhere and anywhere.

Now your phone's better at Sudoku than you

Well, if you thought Sudoku was pointless before, now it really is. It's now possible for even the most innumerate player to solve any puzzle in seconds - simply by asking Google Goggles.

Google Goggles comes to the iPhone

Nearly a year after releasing it for Android, Google has launched its visual search app Google Goggles for the iPhone. Rather than launching it as a standalone app, Google's incorporated it into a new version of the Google Mobile App. Users can just tap the camera button to search, and the app will analyze the image, highlight any object it recognizes and provide a list of search results about the object or landmark in question.

Real world translation arrives on Google’s Goggles

Google has updated its sophisticated text translation software for Android-based smartphones.