A Goodfella is no more

The first two Godfather movies are brilliant, no two ways around it, but GoodFellas is my favorite movie about the mob, hands down.

Restoring classic horror flicks

It’s a sad fact of life that’s going to become more prevalent as time goes by, but we’re going to be losing a lot of movies because no one is preserving them by keeping the celluloid elements in shape.

The Godfather reborn

We recently reported that Paramount was trying to halt publication of a new sequel to the Godfather, and discussed how the original Godfather negative was in danger of falling apart before Spielberg personally called the studio.

Is the Godfather legacy in danger?

It's strange to think this lawsuit is even happening, especially considering that a sequel to The Godfather was already written some years back.

Mass Effect 3 takes to the skies

Over the years, I've seen some very strange gimmicks to promote video games. At least two of the most memorable campaigns were run by EA in honor of its popular Godfather franchise.

The Godfather is back... on Facebook?!

With so many movies being remade and rebooted, I guess it makes sense that games based on films are coming back for a second try as well.

What you can learn from the Mob when you're legit

You have to be tough, cold-blooded, and ruthless to survive in organized crime, and the same can often be said for many places in the real world.

Francis Ford Coppola says 3D is so 1950's

Francis Ford Coppola - who directed such classic movies as Godfather and Apocalypse Now - has expressed his profound disappointment with modern 3D entertainment.

Linux Godfather endorses Nexus One smartphone

Linux Godfather Linus Torvalds has offered a ringing endorsement of Google's Nexus One smartphone.