Google Apps ending support for older browsers

If you've been hesitant to update your Internet browser, you may want to pay attention to this.

China accuses US of starting 'internet war'

A group of Chinese academics from a military academy has accused the US government of creating a global internet war.

China: Google hack allegations are a "fabrication"

Beijing has adamantly denied it was involved in accessing hundreds of Gmail accounts belonging to senior U.S. officials, journalists, military personnel and political activists.

Google lets you customize your Gmail experience

The search giant has just revealed a new way to personalize your gigantic e-mail inbox.

Russian FSB wants to ban Skype and Gmail

If the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) had its way, the agency would ban Skype, Hotmail and Gmail in the former communist country.

Chinese government blocking Gmail, Google claims

Google's accused the Chinese government of blocking its Gmail service, making it difficult for local users to access the site.

Gmail users are younger and thinner

Well, this is better than astrology. I've never much liked being a Taurus (stubborn, prosaic, materially-minded), but as a Gmail user I'm delighted to be told I'm young, thin, educated and well-traveled. And it's all true, of course.

Gmail rolls out 'smart label' feature

Google is trying to lend a helping hand to Gmail users who want to have an organized inbox but don't necessarily want to or know how to take the time to set up filters and labels. Enter the new 'smart label' feature.

Some Gmail accounts still not restored from bug

It seemed like everything was love and roses after Gmail reportedly fixed a glitch that caused tens of thousands of Gmail accounts to be wiped clean. However, Google admits, there are still some who don't have access to any of their old e-mails.

Erroneously deleted Gmail accounts restored

For some 150,000 Gmail users who found their inboxes wiped entirely clean over the weekend, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Google managed to restore virtually all of the affected accounts, thanks to the fact that it backs up everything on tape.

Google deletes more than 100,000 Gmail inboxes

Google's working to fix a problem which saw thousands of Gmail users log on this weekend to discover that all their emails had vanished.

HTML5 brings Gmail to Apple, 44 new languages

If you live in South America, speak Brazilian Portugese, and use an iPad for all your Internet access, then you're in luck. Google has finally brought Gmail support your way.

Facebook "e-mail" is here, ready to kill Gmail

Facebook has officially unveiled its rumored plans to bring an e-mail service to its tens of millions of registered users. But because it's Facebook, it's doing so much more. It wants to become your centralized location for every message on every medium possible.

Facebook may be launching its own e-mail service

As it stands now, the only reason you ever need to leave Facebook is to check your e-mail. That may soon change.

Google adds 'off button' for Gmail Conversation View

Google's been aware for some time - how could it not? - that some people really hate Gmail's Conversation View message threading feature.

New Gmail inbox prioritizes mail

Google's added a new feature to Gmail: a Priority Inbox allowing users to sift the important mail from the run-of-the-mill.

Gmail phone calling tallies a million calls in 24 hours

Google's intriguing new service that allows users to place phone calls directly from Gmail is apparently a hit. At least, it was intriguing enough to log more than a million calls in its first day.

How to make free phone calls with Gmail

Google is currently allowing US-based Gmail users to make free phone calls throughout North America.

Next Gmail feature may be VoIP

Google is expected to make an announcement as early as today about a brand new Gmail feature, and initial leaks suggest calling features like missed call icons and voicemail notifications will be added to Google Talk.

Google updates iPhone app for seamless Gmail access

Let's face it - even if you're not a Google Android fanboy you probably still have a Gmail account. Google has just rolled out a new mobile app that makes checking that e-mail account a bit easier on the iPhone.