Gmail to users: Suck it, We're Down!

Gmail is down worldwide. It is the White Screen of Death (WSOD) and out-does Microsoft's Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) in terms of annoyance and impact on the peoples of the world. Google is not doing evil, just doing ticking-off. Come back AOL, you never let us down.

Your Gmail inbox just got pumped

Google just gave you some new features in Gmail that add a level of functionality to email that makes it more than email. It's like they don't want you to go anywhere else but Google. Aw. Google likes me. It really, really likes me.

Google ups the storage ante

Search engine Google has surprised observers by stepping up the size of its free cloud based storage offerings from five to 15GB.

European investigators launch full attack on Google

The failure of Google to change its privacy policy in Europe has led six countries to coordinate an enforcement push. emerges from preview, boasts 60 million users

Microsoft has taken its email service out of preview and opened it to the public, as it prepares to shut Hotmail down.

Microsoft ads attack Google over privacy

Microsoft has launched an aggressive PR campaign against Google, claiming users are being 'scroogled' by its privacy practices.

Google to charge small businesses for Apps

Google is to start charging small businesses for Google Apps, including Gmail and Google Drive.

Google rolls out major iOS updates (Gmail, YouTube)

Mountain View has rolled out iOS updates for two major Google platforms: YouTube and Gmail.

Google redesigns Gmail composer

How many times have you had to save and exit an email you're writing in order to check something in another email? Soon, though, this will be a thing of the past.

Google is moving us towards a cloud-centric future

For years we’ve been told to backup our programs and data just in case something bad happened, but we’re entering an age where more and more of our precious data isn’t stored on our PC anymore.

Iran restores Gmail, but YouTube block continues

Iran has lifted its block on Google services, imposed last week, but says it's planning extra censorship of YouTube.

Emails to appear in Google search results

Google's trialling a new search feature that display results from a user's emails alongside those from the web. It's also launched its Knowledge Graph service worldwide.

Microsoft targets Gmail with

Forget about Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail - Redmond wants to be a real email contender with

Gmail offers free language translation

Google is trying to eliminate the language barrier when it comes to email.

Gmail outage reported this afternoon

Earlier today, millions of Gmail users were unable to check their e-mail.

FDA spied on doctors and scientists

The US Food and Drug Administration routinely monitored the personal e-mail of certain FDA scientists and doctors after they warned Congress the agency was approving risky medical devices.

Google lets iOS users doodle on their emails

Google's updated its native Gmail app for Apple's iOS, adding custom signatures and the ability to add doodles to emails.

Google pulls Gmail Blackberry app

Google will end support for the Blackberry version of its Gmail app, a decision that is yet another blow to the once dominant business-centric phone brand.

Google offers "offline Gmail"

If you ever lose power or your Internet service is temporarily down, you'll no longer be unable to sift through your old e-mails.

Fake certificate puts Gmail users at risk

A fake web certificate has been circulating for nearly two months, allowing hackers to steal passwords and data from Google sites.