Have the feds endorsed Frankenfish?

AquaBounty's controversial bid to release its genetically modified (GM) salmon has been criticized by a number of legislators.

Study: GMO food causes organ disruption in animals

It seem as if those who are vehemently opposed to genetically modified (GM) food aren’t crazy after all.

Swiss researcher shows natural breeding better than GMOs

A Swiss researcher has developed a new apple that is resistant to disease, appealing to the palate, and easy to grow, all without using genetic modification.

Wikileaks reveals U.S. Gov’t GMO secret dealings

Remember when countries all over the world were free to choose whether or not they adopted genetically modified organisms (GMOs)? Well, if the U.S. State Department (who is controlled by big agriculture) has its way, the whole world will be pimping GMOs before long.

Judge orders Monsanto GMO sugar beets destroyed

A federal judge has ruled - for the first time in US history - that a genetically modified (GM) crop be destroyed.

Genetic freak fish: coming to your dinner table?

In their quest to apparently make all of our food artificial, scientists have given yet another creation their blessing. Say hello to genetically modified salmon.