Google fixes mysteriously disappearing Android apps

After numerous developers noticed that their apps were disappearing from the Android Market, Google has fixed an apparent internal bug and apologized for not keeping its developers in the loop.

DirecTV confirms transmission "glitch"

DirecTV has blamed a transmission "glitch" - caused by an apparently buggy software update - for freezing a number of HD DVR units.

Glitch deletes $600,000 worth of records from Santa Clara

More than a million archived images stored on Santa Clara County Housing Authority computers have been unintentionally scrubbed out, and it's going to cost $600,000 to get them back.

Facebook repairs critical security flaw

Facebook has reportedly fixed a critical security flaw that briefly allowed users to view the live chats of their friends and see pending friend requests.

McAfee to reimburse users hit by update glitch

McAfee has said it plans to reimburse users for any costs they incurred to fix their computers after a glitchy security update crashed tens of thousands of machines across the country.

PS3 consoles recover from critical leap year error

A red-faced Sony has confirmed that its Playstation 3 consoles are now recovered from an internal clock glitch.

Windows XP security advisory warns of zero-day glitch

Microsoft today issued a security advisory to Windows XP users saying that a glitch in Internet Explorer makes it possible for malicious users to craft code that would produce a fake Windows help file.

Oops! Private Facebook e-mails sent to wrong people

Imagine if your private conversations with family, friends, coworkers, and romantic interests were accidentally being sent to random people instead of you. Well, that's exactly what happened to "a small number of users" during an unusual Facebook glitch late Wednesday night.

Flickr founder launches trippy new game

Flickr cofounder Stewart Butterfield is having another shot at marketing a massively multiplayer game.