Researchers develop 3D display with no ghosting - sans glasses

Researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz, have developed a prototype for 3D+2D television that allows viewers with stereo glasses to see three-dimensional images, while viewers without the glasses see a normal two-dimensional image.

Glasses-free 3D TV system can handle live broadcasts

A new 3D TV technology does away with the need for special glasses -and remains responsive enough to handle live transmissions.

Apple eyes "glasses-free" 3D display

Apple is apparently eyeing the design of a new type of multi-layer display that would allow users to view three-dimensional images without glasses.

Rumor: Apple prepping 3D iPad

A new report suggests Apple’s next-gen iPad could boast "full" 3D capabilities.

"Glasses free" 3D video camera spotted in China

A "glasses free" 3D video camera has reportedly surfaced on the tech-savvy Chinese street.