Transforming rotting garbage into glass

How much do you know about glass, other than that it’s a pain to clean up when it breaks? Glass is made from a combination of sand, flint, or other silica, thrown together with some fixed alkalies, and in some cases a metallic oxide. Glass is a marvelous substance. It’s the only material that can be recycled indefinitely without losing quality (unlike plastic).

OpenGlass apps show support for visually impaired (w/ Video)

A two-person team behind a company called Dapper Vision is pioneering an OpenGlass Project that could tweak perceptions about Google Glass. Rather than seeing Google's wearable as a marketing and infotainment luxury item, the hands-free device could become known as an information vehicle for the visually impaired. The ...

Yes, Google Glass will help drivers navigate

Even with talking GPS like TomTom and Google Navigation, people still get lost. We second guess it, become so absorbed in a conversation that we ignore it, or are simply bad judges of whether “150 yards” means the next left, or the next next left.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin says Glass the future, terms smartphones "emasculating"

Google co-founder Sergey Brin recently took to the TED stage to talk about Mountain View's Project Glass.

How to get Google Glass early

Eight thousand more people are set to get their hands on a pair of Google Glass specs - if they can think of something really clever to do with them. At the same time, it's released a video showing some of the capabilities of the device.

Ball lightning explained - and it's not antimatter or aliens

Australian scientists have come up with a new theory to explain the eerie phenomenon known as ball lightning.

Drink too much? Blame the glass

If you woke up over the weekend realising you'd overdone it a little the night before, the reason might be the glass you were drinking from.

Glass bubble find may explain weird lunar soil

The discovery of nanoparticles inside bubbles of glass in lunar soil could explain why the moon's surface topsoil has such unusual properties.

Anti-fog glass is glare-free and self-cleaning

MIT's created a new type of glass that's glare-free, self-cleaning and anti-fogging - useful for everything from car windscreens and scuba goggles to cellphones and solar panels.

Cheap graphene film used for self-cleaning glass

A team at Vanderbilt University has found a way of using graphene to create windshields that don't need wipers.

iPhone 4 screens are fragile, says insurer

Either iPhone 4 users are a particularly clumsy lot, or the device really is more fragile than its predecessors.

Slide-on cases can crack iPhone glass

Apple may have another big iPhone 4 problem on its hands, with reports that the engineering team are scrabbling to deal with numerous complaints over cracked glass on the back of the phone.

The iPhone 4 Glass Busted

The iPhone 4 was released into the wild, only to find itself amidst a host of avid fans and critics. Maybe it doesn't matter that it had problems. Maybe that's part of the plan.