The frozen truth about glaciers, climate change and our future

Lewis Owen has been scraping out icy fragments of history's truth from one of the most glaciated regions on Earth for the past 25 years. His frequent excursions to Tibet and the Himalayas have led the University of Cincinnati professor of geology to some cold, hard facts.

Report: Glaciers sizzle as they disappear into warmer water

Scientists have recorded and identified one of the most prominent sounds of a warming planet: the sizzle of glacier ice as it melts into the sea. The noise, caused by trapped air bubbles squirting out of the disappearing ice, could provide clues to the rate of glacier melt and help researchers better monitor the fast-changing polar environments.

Andean glaciers shrink by half

Glaciers in the Andes are retreating faster than ever, say researchers, with global warming causing them to shrink by as much as half since the 1970s.

Retreating glaciers could affect water supplies

Glaciers in the eastern and central regions of the Himalayas are retreating at an ever-increasing pace,  while those in the western Himalayas may even be growing.

Discarded photos of Rasmussen expedition show pattern of glacier melt

Eighty-year-old photos discovered by chance in a Danish basement have thrown light on how Greenland glaciers are melting today.

Sea level rise may be less severe than feared

While Greenland's glaciers are moving ever-faster twowards the sea, they're not accelerating as much as believed, indicating that future sea level rises could be a lot less than current worst-case scenarios.

Himalayan glaciers in better state than feared

Himalayan glaciers aren't shrinking as fast as thought - indeed, some are actually growing. 

Most glacial carbon 'human-made'

The Earth's remote ecosystems may have been far more influenced by the industrial revolution than thought, say researchers from the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography.

Satellite data shows sea level rise

While glaciers globally are shedding billions of tons of ice each year, the Himalayas aren't, a study shows.  

Pictures show Everest's vanishing glaciers

The Asia Society has released pictures showing the dramatic shrinking of Mount Everest's glaciers since George Mallory photographed them nearly 90 years ago.