Giada debuts ARM-powered desktop PCs

Giada is well known for manufacturing small-form factor desktop computers. However, up until now Giada's PC desktops have been primarily powered by x86 chips and designed to run Windows or Linux as the default operating system.

This Atom-powered nettop has a $160 price tag

Giada has introduced an uber-tiny nettop with a sweet $160 price tag. 

Giada mini-PC packs Intel Cedar Trail, Nvidia graphics

Giada has debuted a mini-PC powered by Intel’s Cedar Trail (Atom) processor and Nvidia GT610 graphics. 

Giada i53 PC consumes only 35 W and rocks Intel Ivy Bridge power

China-based Giada is showcasing a new mini PC with sweet specs that is uber power efficient.

Giada touts Ion-based ultra-mini PC

Giada Technology is showcasing its Ion-based, ultra-mini PC at Nvidia’s GPU Conference in San Jose, California.