Ghostbusters 3 is Apparently Officially a Go

We’ve written about this movie so many times, it’s getting ridiculous, but there is finally news from legitimate sources that tell us that Ghostbusters 3 may finally be shooting by early next year.

RIP: Harold Ramis of Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day Fame

Many know Harold Ramis from Ghostbusters where he played Dr. Egon Spengler, but Ramis was also one of the driving forces behind Animal House, not to mention he also directed Caddyshack, Vacation, Groundhog Day, and Analyze This. So we've been considerably saddened this week by the news that Ramis passed away at the age of 69. 

Will Rick Moranis Change His Mind on Ghostbusters 3?

It’s just one day into the new year, and there’s already a Ghostbusters 3 news item. We wonder if this movie is ever going to get made, but there’s certainly been a lot that’s been written about Dan Aykroyd’s attempt to make a third ‘Busters film.

Saving the Ghostbusters Mobile

We at TGD are amazed at how much love people still have for Ghostbusters. It’s coming up on three decades since the comedy came out in the summer of 1984 and became the hottest thing since sliced bread, and Dan Aykroyd has been trying hard to get a third Ghostbusters off the ground for years. 

More talk of Ghostbusters 3

It’s been a while since any news of Ghostbusters 3 has surfaced, and we figured it finally just died and we’d never hear anything further about it again.

Ghostbusters 3 - now or never?

At this point, you could probably write a book about the never-ending saga of Ghostbusters 3 that would be the length of an old-fashioned Manhattan phone book.

Ghostbusters 3: The green light turns red again

Just when you thought they were in, now they’re back out.

Is Ghostbusters 3 finally a go?

We’ve reported on the seemingly endless saga of Ghostbusters 3 many times, to the point where I’ve wondered if this will be the most written about movie that won't ever get made.

Ivan Reitman talks Ghostbusters 3

Veteran Hollywood director Ivan Reitman helmed the original Ghostbusters, and as we all know by now, Dan Aykroyd’s really been chomping at the bit for another round.

Ghostbusters 3 greenlit without Murray

After years of suspense, the third Ghostbusters film is finally happening, but it was greenlit without one of the original stars.

Dan Aykroyd ready to give Ghostbusters 3 another try

So much ink has been spilled in recent months about a possible third Ghostbusters movie which may never eben see the light of day.

Is Ghostbusters 3 RIP?

In recent months, there's been speculation and fan reaction - both pro and con - about Ghostbusters 3,  which may or may not get made one of these days.

The proton packs of Ghostbusters #4

In the fall of 2011, IDW Comics kicked off a new line of Ghostbusters comics, starting from Issue #1 in September. Issue #4 hit store shelves in December.

Rumor: Bill Murray kicked out of Ghostbusters

Bill Murray has reportedly angered the Ghostbusters creative team, prompting them to remove the veteran actor from the development process of the long-awaited third film.

Spectral will be a lot like Ghostbusters

Legendary Pictures has purchased the script for Spectral from screenwriter Ian Fried. Although the film has no official synopsis yet, the word is the movie is essentially a darker take on the classic Ghostbusters story.

John Belushi is back... in a video game?!

One of my fondest memories growing up was seeing my first R rated movie, Animal House, when it was the hottest thing since sliced bread in 1978.

Ghostbusters is coming back for Halloween

Word has been circulating around the 'Net for a while, but now it's confirmed that Columbia will be re-releasing Ghostbusters on October 13, redone in 2K digital and 5.1 surround sound.

Aykroyd teases Ghostbusters 3 details

Dan Aykroyd, a long-time comedy veteran, recently made an appearance on Denis Miller’s radio show. Miller, of course, could not resist asking Aykroyd about the future of the Ghostbusters franchise.

The legendary dealmaker behind Ghostbusters

Bernie Brillstein remembers the day Dan Ackroyd came to his office and reminded him about a project he'd been working on - which was originally called Ghostsmashers.

Ghostbusters comics coming this fall

IDW Comics and Sony Pictures have announced they are working on a monthly line to be based on the popular ghost-fighting team.