Video: Hackers bypass Apple's Touch ID

A hacker group based in Germany says it has managed to crack Apple's new Touch ID biometric security system with a modified fingerprint lifting method and a "fake finger" creation technique.

Kill U.S. web firms' license to operate in Europe, German privacy officials

This Electromobile scooter has three wheels

The evolution of electric scooters as more environmentally friendly and economical for the masses is a worthy goal, but they also must be practical.

SAP wants to hire autistic people

The company which makes software that no one understands says it aims to train 650 workers with autism to become IT specialists by 2020.

Eurocrats gang up on US firm

It is starting to look like Google's tax avoidance days might be coming to a close after France and Germany have joined the UK in demanding that the search engine start paying its share.

Google gets ultimatum from Germany

Germany has issued an ultimatum to the search engine Google to start answering user questions via email or face the consequences.

Apple suffers more patent setbacks

It has been a very bad week for Apple on the patent front. First the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) informed Apple that it could not trademark the iPad mini, then it said it would no longer enforce Apple's "rubber band" user interface patent. In other words, the USPTO made it clear that Apple can't go around patenting the English language and Newtonian physics.

Nokia technology appropriated by HTC

A German court has decided that Taiwan's HTC misappropriated Nokia's power saving technology.

Photovoltaic wars show Japan gets a boost

A market research firm said Japan is set to overtake both Japan and the USA in the installation of photovoltaic (PV) capacity.

Google slams German plans to charge it for news links

German government proposals to charge search engines for displaying snippets of news articles are coming under fire, with Google drumming up opposition to the plan.

Oldest mammoth-ivory workshop discovered

Archaeologists have revealed the oldest ivory workshop in the world, in Germany's Saxony-Anhalt region.

German government: just say no to IE

Due to a major security glitch in Internet Explorer, the German government is urging its citizens to avoid using the browser.

Germany re-examines Facebook facial recognition

German data protection officials are taking another look at Facebook's use of photo recognition.

World's oldest musical instruments identified

People have been making music for thousands of years longer than thought, new dating evidence shows.

US court says Motorola can't enforce Windows injunction

A US judge has ruled that Motorola won't be able to enforce an injunction preventing Microsoft from selling Windows products in Germany.

Apple wins 'slide-to-unlock' patent ruling against Motorola

Apple's won a patent ruling against Motorola relating to the 'slide-to-unlock' smartphone feature.

Samsung faces EC probe as German Galaxy Tab ban upheld

Samsung's under investigation by the European Commission over possible monopoly abuse - just as the company learns it's failed in its attempt to overturn a ban on selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany.

German government 'built backdoor Trojan'

A German hacking group says it's discovered a Trojan horse that the government is using to spy on citizens' online activities.

German state bans Facebook 'Like' button

The German state of Schleswig-Holstein has ordered organizations to remove the Facebook 'Like' button from their websites and shut down fan pages.

Amazon Appstore hits Apple snag in Germany

The Amazon Appstore is currently off limits to mobile developers in Germany.