El-Nino events are difficult to predict

New data from taken from coral records suggests that future El Nino events will be 'unpredictable'.

Scientists develop 'deceptive' robots based on squirrel behaviour

Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created robots capable of deceptive behaviour based on distraction techniques observed in squirrels. 

Self-powered touchscreens created

Touchscreens could generate their own power, thanks to the discovery of a new method of energy harvesting.

Robot eye moves like the real thing

Robotics engineers have replicated the muscle motion of the human eye to control camera systems more effectively.

'Junk DNA' makes us different from chimps

It was a bit of a surprise for scientists to discover just how similar human and chimpanzee DNA is - and left them scratching their heads to explain the enormous physiological differences between the two species.

Team teaches robots to deceive

Researchers have been playing hide-and-seek with robots to help them develop the ability to deceive.