The Walking Dead Gets No Emmy Respect

Zombies may be swarming the earth, but one of the only places they haven’t taken over is with the major award ceremonies. It’s great to see that two of the hottest shows on TV right now are Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. They’re both genre shows, and thankfully they’re also playing a big hand in finally bringing reality TV to an end.

Why Tim Burton remade a beloved classic

Whenever a beloved classic is slated to be remade, the outrage from some fans can hit insane levels.

Old School Undead

I guess it was inevitable that zombies would one day move quickly. 

So many kids grow up on video games where everything zips by at a million miles an hour, and I guess this passes for innovation in filmmaking today. 

When George Romero went medieval

Zombies have become George Romero's "brand" - as the creepy undead is what he's best known for.

The CGI conundrum

When Jurassic Park cemented the power of CGI, the genie was definitely out of the bottle for good. 

There’s been a lot of great CGI since, and a lot of terrible movies that rely on it way too much as well.

Can't keep a good zombie down

When Land of the Dead came out to critical acclaim in 2005, I was pleased to see George Romero, one of the great masters of horror, enjoying something of a comeback.

In praise of Tales from the Crypt

When the news hit that Tales From the Crypt may again be revived, I knew William Gaines had to be smiling somewhere. 

The Stand - coming soon to a theater near you?

Right on the heels of a report about a three part theatrical version of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower comes news that there could also be a several episode movie version of King’s epic 1978 novel The Stand in the works.