Will Star Wars and Pixar Collide?

With the next Star Wars movie reportedly getting ready to shoot this May, there’s going to be a big avalanche of news on the legendary space saga. Very little is official right now, which is to be expected, and JJ Abrams will keep everything as hidden as he can, but a very interesting rumor, one of many, just hit the net about a potential collaboration with Pixar. 

The Star Wars Holiday Special: 35 Years of WTF?!

After all these years, I still have faint memories of seeing the Star Wars Holiday Special when it aired on November 17, 1978. It was the only time this special was ever shown, and George Lucas has said he wishes he could destroy every bootleg copy he could get his hands on with a hammer. 

The Star Wars / Disney Deal Closed a Year Ago

I’m cruising around the net looking for something to write about, and I see a headline about a Star Wars anniversary. Which one? It’s definitely not the anniversary of any of the movie’s releases. They all came out in the summer. When did the Holiday Special air? It couldn’t have been October, could it?

George Lucas Is Still Keeping a Watchful Eye on His Empire

Even though George Lucas sold his empire to Disney last year, you know he’ll still be looking out for the universe he created, and have at least some say over the next three Star Wars films. Considering Star Wars is a sacred property to JJ Abrams, you also know he’ll want to do right by George wherever he can.   

Celebrating Genre Legend Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee has made his mark in horror films with the Hammer movies, sci-fi with Star Wars, and fantasy with the Lord of the Rings series. The man is currently 91 years old, and while he may not be as spry as when he played Dracula back in the late fifties, he’s still actively performing, which is truly remarkable.   

There Will Be Star Wars? Is Daniel Day Lewis Up For a Role?

There’s so many Star Wars rumors out there, you often feel like they could fill a set of encyclopedias, let alone a book. Want to read the latest? Of course you do.

JJ Abrams Talks the Magic of Star Wars

There’s not much to talk about with Star Wars at the moment. Actually, we’re sure there’s lots to talk about, but it has to be top secret. Secrecy is always a must with JJ Abrams, and this being Star Wars, things are going to have to be guarded like missile launch codes. 

Poster Master Drew Struzan Now the Subject of a Documentary

As a lover and collector of poster art, I’ve been a huge fan of Drew Struzan ever since I can remember. Every geek should know his name, but if you don’t, you certainly know his artwork. Struzan is the artist behind the posters for Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Thing, Goonies, Back to the Future, The Shawshank Redemption, and many, many others. 

The Cinematographer of Star Wars Has Passed

For those who love film, it was great news to learn that the next Star Wars flick will be shot on 35mm. In today’s digital age, celluloid is only available to the biggest directors in the biz, like JJ Abrams and Christopher Nolan, and it’s good to see Abrams using his power for cinematic good.

The Next Star Wars Movie Will Be Shot on Film

Film has been officially over and done with for a while now, and for cinema fans everywhere, this is really a damn shame. There have been tremendous strides being made with digital, and it looks fine in most movies, but to many cinema fans it will never be as good as celluloid. 

Will We Have Star Wars For Xmas?

No, this story is not about Star Wars Holiday Special, that came out in November anyways. There’s now another rumor going around about Star Wars, probably the second or third that’s gotten around this hour, that the next movie in the series may defy tradition and come out for Christmas 2015.

The Timeless Magic of Star Wars Toys

Okay, raise your hands, how many of you out there remember when the Star Wars toys were finally available everywhere, and you bought as many as you could get your hands on? (Or we should say, as many as your long suffering parents could afford.) How many of you remember that the demand for Star Wars toys was so intense, it took forever for them to be manufactured, and you had to order them in advance because Kenner couldn’t keep up with the demand?

The Original Vision of Star Wars Coming This Fall

One of the reasons it was so hard to get Star Wars made was it made no sense on paper. Star Wars is such a visual story, it was hard to get it to work in screenplay form, which is why many involved in the film really didn’t know what they had until they saw the finished product.

Star Wars City Threatened By Sand Storms

When you see headlines about Darth Vader becoming homeless, it’s obviously a goof. Yet there is indeed a problem hitting the Tunisian desert where Star Wars was shot, and it may end up wiping out the Mos Espa set from Episode One.

In praise of Ray Harryhausen

Even though Ray Harryhausen, the big daddy of stop motion animation, stopped making movies with 1981’s Clash of the Titans, his influence has loomed so large over cinema, it feels like he never left.

EA appointed by Disney for Star Wars deal

While many hoped that once George Lucas got his paws off the Star Wars franchise things would get better, it appears that the new owners -  Disney - might be headed for similar daft decisions.

Celebrating Star Wars Day

How many of us even knew there was even such a thing as Star Wars Day? Well there is indeed a Star Wars day, May 4, and considering it’s so close to Cinco De Mayo, perhaps it’s a big party day for geeks.

Disney says there will be a new Star Wars film every year

With the announcement that Disney would be making more Star Wars films came a lot of rumors, as would be expected in the geek-o-sphere.

Some thoughts on the original Star Wars script Dark Horse adaptation

If you grew up when Star Wars was an enormous phenomenon in the 70’s, you may recall Marvel had a comic book series based on the film.

Dark Horse Comics adapts original '74 Star Wars script

Like many of you, I was a child of the 80s who really liked science fiction, so you can bet  I grew up on everything Star Wars.