Why science fiction should be taught in the classroom

Science fiction and genre movies are extremely popular amongst high school students around the world.

Blade Runner gets a new trailer

The summer of 1982 has long been celebrated as a magical time for genre films. 

The genre hits of summer 2012

With The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, genre movies are back and bigger than ever. Or are they? 

Tron hits 30

It’s preaching to the converted, and we’ve preached long and loud about this many times, but the summer of 1982 was a hell of a time for genre fans.

Another genre film festival is here

As we’ve reported here on TG, film festivals seem to have been making a big comeback across the country, which we think is a wonderful development.

The great sci-fi summer of ‘82

We’ve said it many times, but it always bears repeating... 1982 was the greatest year for genre movies, and it was a feast for film fans practically every week.

Sci-fi and horror films hold their own

Whether you follow the box office horserace every weekend or not, Superbowl weekend was a nice one at the movies.