First American in Europe may have been captured by Vikings

It seems that native Americans made it to Iceland long before Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic the other way.

New study: Males might be more "disposable" than females

Scientists may have recently figured out why women tend to live longer than men. A new study set to be published this month in Scientific American says that males could be genetically more disposable than females.

Tibetans evolved quickly to deal with altitude

Tibetans' adaptation to high altitude took place over less than 3,000 years, a new genetic analysis shows, in what was the fastest shift in human evolution yet discovered.

Venter team creates first synthetic living cell

In what is being hailed as the greatest scientific breakthrough in a generation, researchers have created the first artificial living cell.

Gene discovery could help amputees grow new limbs

Humans and other mammals could regrow lost limbs, following the identification of a gene that appears to regulate regeneration.

Cheap DNA test diagnoses genetic diseases

Quick, cheap gene tests for many diseases could be just around the corner, with the development of a DNA test that works on a drop of saliva.