Cure for cancer found?

Forget about the Big C

Sun and moon trigger tremors beneath San Andreas fault

Everybody, walk on tiptoes

Angels can't fly

But tough fairies can

Raptor dinosaur had venomous fangs

A "specialized" predator

Mammals may be halfway to mass extinction

Eat some quick, while you can

Engineers develop faster, cheaper DNA sequencing

With no need for amplification

Firm claims to have predicted Taiwan earthquake

6.4 quake resulted in 14 injuries

Feel better, drink vodka

But you'll still be useless the next day

Magic pill slows ageing of the skin

Pop a pill, throw out the tubs

Deepest erupting volcano discovered

'Underwater Fourth of July'

Dark Matter team cautious about results

Signal may be background

Deadly cancer DNA is mapped

Breakthrough by scientists will help treatment

Synthetic platelets halt blood loss

Stops internal and external bleeding

MIT designs "smart" bicycle wheel

Tracks friends and traffic

Pessimism is natural, say scientists

Computer model for the brain

Nanorobots can spot cancer

Sub-cellular sniffing

Dinosaurs originated in South America

Then sneaked into the US

Journal scotches dark matter rumour

No, they really haven't found any

The meek will inherit the earth

Humans are not selfish

Scientist claims death does not exist

Die, don't die, it's all the same