CBS blocks lost Star Trek episode

CBS has decreed that a lost Star Trek script titled "He Walked Among Us" will not be filmed or aired decades after it was first penned.

A look back at Star Trek with DC Fontana

We all know Gene Roddenberry is the creator of Star Trek, but how many of you know the name D.C. Fontana?

The lost worlds of Gene Roddenberry

Everyone knows Gene Roddenberry was the creator of the Star Trek universe, as his name has become synonymous with his greatest success.

The obscurity of television nostalgia

Watching old TV shows and movies that we grew up with helps take us back to much simpler, easier times in our lives. Still, when I scan sites that sell old movies and TV shows, I'm always amazed to find how many shows and movies I've never even heard of.

Trek Nation - Captain's Log

There's a lot going on in the Star Trek universe these days, both past and present, with the long awaited sequel to JJ Abrams Trek reboot getting ready to roll in January.