Gender differences in math performance 'purely cultural'

The idea that girls are innately less good at math than boys just doesn't add up, a new international study shows.

Antidepressant use jumps by 400%

The rate of antidepressant use in the United States skyrocketed by nearly 400% over the past decade - with 11% of Americans aged 12 and over taking antidepressant medication. 

Gender can be guessed from a Tweet

Algorithms can do a lot these days. A group of researchers claims to have developed one that allows them to guess the gender of someone using Twitter.

Nuclear radiation affects gender of babies

New research challenges the belief that exposure to nuclear radiation has a negligible genetic effect on human beings, indicating that it can lead to an increase in male births.

Women and socialists understand science better

Women have a better understanding of science than men, and are more likely to heed the expert view that man-made global warming is taking place.

Scientists make it easier to determine skeletons' sex

Ever look at that skeleton in your high school classroom and wonder if it was a guy or girl? A new technique has been developed to make it easier to answer the gender question.