Chewbacca headpiece sells for $172,200

A Chewbacca headpiece used in the original "Star Wars" trilogy sold for a cool $172,200 at a movie memorabilia auction this past weekend.

Female geeks unite!

It's no big news flash that a lot more women have been joining the geek party lately.

What to expect at Comic-Con 2012 San Diego

Before Star Wars, the major studios didn’t bring their movies to comic and sci-fi conventions, and it was indeed Lucas’s space opera that opened the door for all things geek. 

2012 will be a huge geek year at the movies

2012 is going to be a huge year for geek movies, especially with The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, John Carter of Mars, new Quentin Tarantino and more.

True confessions: D&D or football?

I've never been a football fan. Yes, like so many other geeks, I've just never seen the point of a spectator sport. 

To me the whole concept of getting all worked up about some game that has nothing to do with your own life seems rather lacking.

The Event's geek hero

The NBC Sci-fi series, "The Event" is coming along nicely. I'm enjoying keeping up with it, and looking forward to its return at the end of the month. 

When I look back at the episodes we have so far, however, there is a glaring issue which rankles me.

No, geekiness is not an excuse for bad behavior

The year is 2010 and women are still being harassed at open source and other tech-related conferences. And no, geekiness is not an excuse for bad behavior.

Do iPhone users have the most sex?

Are snobby iPhone users having more sex than their Android and Blackberry counterparts?

Swedish geek wants to be a cyborg

Swedish geek extraordinaire Martin Magnusson has designed a rather fashionable wearable computer for aspiring cyborgs.