Superhero equality for all

Most of the uproar over two gay members of the X-Men getting married seems to have originated from One Million Moms.

Homophobia greater in closet gays

It's a long-standing piece of folk wisdom - and research now indicates it's true. Many homophobic people have a strong physical attraction to their own sex.

Gay couple marries via Skype

A gay couple has made legal history by getting married via Skype - neatly circumventing Texas' ban on same-sex marriages.

Facebook may reveal gay identities

A study looking at the measuring of online advertising systems has thrown up the interesting fact that a feature in Facebook could be revealing users' sexuality to advertisers without their knowledge.

Apple slams the door on gay iPhone app

Gay New Yorkers who may have wanted a useful resource to finding the best spots in the city have just been shut down by Apple with its latest app rejection.

Bing forces Arab users to keep it clean

Microsoft's Bing is filtering out the sexy stuff in Arab countries, as well as terms like 'gay' or 'homosexual', the OpenNet Initiative has found.

Microsoft: Sexual orientation now allowed on Xbox Live

Microsoft has updated its rather extensive Xbox Live "Code of Conduct" to allow the inclusion of race, nationality, religion and sexual orientation in Gamertags and profiles.