Report: Ozone levels drop 20 percent with switch from ethanol to gasoline

A Northwestern University study by an economist and a chemist reports that when fuel prices drove residents of São Paulo, Brazil, to mostly switch from ethanol to gasoline in their flexible-fuel vehicles, local ozone levels dropped 20 percent. At the same time, nitric oxide and carbon monoxide concentrations tended to go up.

Italian offers cold fusion promise

A panel of researchers has released a paper confirming that a device made by a secretive Italian might be cold fusion.

Gasoline 'more green than many biofuels'

Most biofuels are worse for the environment than gasoline, according to the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa).

Renewable gasoline, diesel said to be near

The electric vehicle revolution is under way, but let's be honest.

EPA storms ahead on E15 despite threats from DC

For many years, most of the fuel we've been burning in our automobiles has included 10% ethanol to reduce the amount of petroleum consumed in the United States.

CO2 envisioned as source of green fuel

Methanol isn't new as a fuel – late in the 20th century it gained some traction, especially as a blend-in in gasoline, but it's faded since then as a transportation option.

Gasoline worse than diesel for major air pollutant

To their surprise, scientists have found that gasoline vehicles, rather than diesel, and contributing more to a major type of air pollution.

Why you're not getting more miles per gallon

If you're an average motorist, you're driving a car that's vastly more fuel efficient than the one you had in 1980 - and an MIT economist has explained why it almost certainly doesn't feel like it.

Biofuels 'as carbon intensive as gasoline'

A new study on greenhouse gas emissions from oil palm plantations has found there's more than 50 percent more CO2 emissions than previously thought – making them no better than gasoline.

Hydrogen cars come closer to reality

A British start-up says it's found a cheap, practical way of storing hydrogen, making it a viable alternative to gasoline in cars.

Environmentally friendly car full of crap, runs off it

Engineers from GENeco are obsessed with feces, in an environmentally friendly way. They have converted a VW Beetle to run off of methane gas that comes from human waste.

System turns greenhouse gases into fuel

A Californian company has filed a patent for a technology which it says allows CO2 and natural gas to be converted directly to gasoline.