Is the Star Wars Cast Complete?

The next Star Wars movie is slated to begin shooting in May, and while there’s no official announcements yet, the latest rumor going around is that the casting has been completed. This is surprising news if it’s true, although you’d figure they’d have to have a cast together pretty quickly to get started by summer.

New RoboCop BETTER Than the Original?

We’d like to preface this story by saying we don’t personally believe it, and it could have been floated out there by the studio in the hopes of turning fanboy hate around. That said, let’s continue…

Gary Oldman leading the charge in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

We love Gary Oldman here on TG. He’s one of the best character actors there is, and in recent years,  proven a great part of the Dark Knight ensemble as Commissioner Gordon.

Samuel Jackson joins Robocop reboot

Genre fans everywhere are quite excited by the new trailer for Django Unchained hitting the web, as well as Prometheus opening this weekend.

Gary Oldman's in for RoboCop

I've been a big fan of Gary Oldman's for a long time, probably ever since he did Sid and Nancy. 

How the Batman script was nearly lost

One of my favorite upgrades to the Batman franchise was the casting of Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon. 

The Akira saga continues

Conflicting reports claim that both Ken Watanabe and Gary Oldman are up for a part in Akira.