More Early Godzilla Reactions

First there was the tweet from famous guitarist Slash, formerly of Guns N Roses. He’s actually seen Godzilla months in advance, and he really liked it a lot. “F’n epic” was his response. Now some other people have seen twenty minutes of the new model Godzilla. The verdict?

Godzilla Top Viewed Trailer on YouTube

We at TGD have high hopes for the next Godzilla movie because the 1998 American version really blew it, and we’re hoping an American version of the big green guy can finally get it right for once. While there’s no word yet on how good or bad the movie could be, there’s a promising sign that audiences are really looking forward to the famous firebreather’s return on May 16. 

New Godzilla Trailer Drops

It’s been fifteen years since the disaster of the Roland Emmerich / Dean Devlin Godzilla remake, and the latest attempt to revitalize the franchise is coming on May 16, 2014. The new teaser trailer is out, and it gives audiences a good look at what the new model Godzilla looks like. 

Godzilla's Coming Back, Bigger Than Ever

Back in 1998, you may recall that Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin followed up their smash ID4 with a redo of Godzilla, which was dreadful. Now a new Godzilla movie, directed by Gareth Edwards, is coming next year, and apparently the new look of Godzilla has been revealed.

Godzilla's Big Return

The last time there was an American version of Godzilla in 1998, it was complete crapola, so we’re hoping the next attempt, which is shooting right now for Legendary Pictures, will be much better. The next Godzilla is due next year, and the big green guy was certainly a topic of interest at Comic Con last weekend. 

Godzilla returning to the silver screen - again

Legendary Pictures has confirmed that it is in the process of remaking the classic monster film.

Should America try another remake with Japan's favorite monster?

The fallout from the last American Godzilla film is long gone. But now Legendary Pictures, the same company behind Clash of the Titans, The Dark Knight, Inception, and 300, wants to give the big guy another shot.