Cloud gaming comes to Singapore

If the cost of gaming hardware and titles is stopping you from making it a hobby, a new Web service could be your salvation.

Yes, Apple is serious about gaming

The iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch are selling like hotcakes with Apple laughing all the way to the Federal Reserve Bank – well, almost.

Study claims playing video games makes you eat more

According to a recent study by Canadian researchers, playing video games actually makes people eat more food, even if they aren’t hungry.

Report: Virtual goods have positive effect on real world countries

If you thought gaming was just for personal enjoyment, well, think again.

Survey claims tablets used primarily for gaming

According to a recent survey by Google’s AdMob subsidiary, tablets are primarily used for gaming in the United States. Of the 1,400 tablet owners surveyed, 84% use them to play games. But will it be a lasting trend?

DHS uses gaming platform to monitor border security

The Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is funding the development of a game-based tool that creates high-level models for border security.

Zynga implements "RewardVille" to further addict players

If you’ve gotten updates on your Facebook wall about the brown cow you friend just earned, then you are familiar with Zynga’s hit game, Farmville.

Therapist: Gaming is like snorting cocaine

An obviously clueless therapist recently compared playing video games to snorting lines and lines of cocaine. Snowblind, what?

Mobile devices change the world of gaming 4ever

Recently published stats from mobile analytics firm Flurry seem to indicate that smartphones and tablets have effectively altered the traditional world of gaming.

China gives parents control over kids' gaming

Distressed by reports of an epidemic of video game playing, China's Ministry of Culture will next month launch a 'parental watch program' designed to crack down on games-obsessed kids.

Angry Birds Rio to hit the silver screen

Where do mean pigs take their kidnapped angry bird victims? To Rio, of course! In fact, their South American plight will be chronicled in Rovio’s March launch of the Angry Birds Rio video game, followed by a mainstream movie put out by Twentieth Century Fox.

iControl transforms your smartphone into a gamepad

Gaming on an Android smartphone may be fun and sweet, but it really isn’t the same as playing with a full-on controller or pad.

3D mouse heralds a brave new world of gaming

Axsotic has developed a 3D-Spheric-Mouse that just might have the potential to radically alter the world of gaming as we know it.

Origin deploys hardcore gaming notebook

Origin’s tricked-out EON17 gaming notebook features dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 480M GPUs, a 17.3” HD 16:9 widescreen display with true 1080p (1920 x1080) and an Intel Core i7 980X processor.

Nvidia's Tegra 2 to power next-gen LG smartphones

LG is preparing to launch a new line of smartphones that will be powered by Nvidia's screaming fast, dual-core Tegra 2 mobile processor.

Microsoft tries to get serious about mobile gaming

The folks at Redmond want you to know that they are serious about mobile gaming. No, don't snicker - it's true and besides, we can hear you.

Is Sony designing an Android-powered PSP smartphone?

Sony is reportedly prepping an Android-powered PSP gaming smartphone that could launch as early as October 2010.

Nintendo says cloud too lagged for gaming

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata believes the cloud is too lagged for casual or serious gaming.

Black|OPS targets 3D Vision

Digital Storm has introduced a tricked-out Black|OPS gaming rig featuring Nvidia's 3D Vision Surround technology.

Nvidia salutes the inner geek in all of us

Do you remember that magical moment when you first played Quake OpenGL using a 3DFX Voodoo accelerator? Yes, the world of computer gaming had changed forever, with everything else - including real life - paling in comparison.