Report: Xbox 360 used more for streaming than online gaming

The Xbox 360 and PS3 - like all consoles - were originally targeted at gamers.

Mists of Pandaria will not be the last WoW expansion pack

If you're a big fan of World of Warcraft (WoW), you've probably been looking forward to the expansion pack known as Mists of Pandaria.

Is this the new Grand Theft Auto V?

Serious gamers are always hungry for leaked information - true or otherwise - about upcoming titles.

EA goes FTW with Mass Effect 3 and Old Republic

Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello recently talked about the launch of Mass Effect 3, one of EA's biggest titles of the year.

Thermaltake builds a designer gaming mouse

Last year, Thermaltake built one of the coolest designer computer cases I've ever seen in conjunction with BMW-DesignWorks.

Google relaxes size restrictions for Android apps

When Google's Android Market first launched in 2008, Mountain View slapped a size limit of 50 MB on app developers.

Halo 4 will be dark and gritty

If you're an Xbox gamer, well, odds are you have played at least one iteration of the wildly popular Halo franchise.

Sony says it is serious about deterring Vita pirates

For some of us, the relatively lackluster response to Sony's PSP made perfect sense, as the handheld console boasted only halfway decent graphics and lacked appealing games.

Diablo III delayed until Q2 2012

If you're one the many fans of the Diablo franchise from Blizzard, you might find it rather unfortunate that Activision recently posted some rather disappointing news about the long-awaited game.

Double Fine Adventure clinches $1.2 million in crowd sourced funding

If you have a good idea you can try to rack up funding and more to help bring your concept to market via Kickstarter.

E.T. - the biggest disaster in video game history?

In movies, titles like Heaven’s Gate and Plan 9 From Outer Space are synonymous with disaster, with cars it’s the Edsel, and in gaming, it’s the video game adaptation of E.T.

Do women prefer gaming to sex?

A recent survey commissioned by Doritos claims women who play online games prefer their electronic liaisons to taking a bath, shopping, working out and yes, having sex.

Kinect will bring interactive ads to Xbox 360

On Tuesday Microsoft announced that it will be bringing interactive ads to the Xbox360 system via the voice-and gesture-recognizing features of Kinect controllers.

Redner Group fired over Duke Nukem threats

There has been much anticipation and perhaps equally as much disappointment over the launch of Duke Nukem Forever. 

Angry Birds to get location-based "Magic"

If you thought Angry Birds was the simplest of all games, think again. Rovio, the software company behind the Angry Birds franchise, is hoping to take the game to the next level with new location-based functionality.

Angry Birds to arrive on Roku this summer

If playing Angry Birds on your phone, computer and tablet isn't enough, well, soon you'll be able to get your daily dose of the uber popular game on TV - courtesy of Roku's next-gen set-top box and a new controller.

Video: Kal-El & the future of mobile gaming

Nvidia has released a video showcasing the advanced graphics capabilities of its upcoming quad-core Tegra mobile processor codenamed "Kal-El."

Virtual workout partners lead to better results

Are you working out alone? New research says that working out with a virtual partner will help you reach your fitness goals faster.

Perceptions of justice built into the brain

A new study suggests that our brains have a built-in mechanism that causes an automatic reaction when we deal with someone who refuses to share.

Video games help teach kids how to walk

There are video games to help you work out, improve memory, and obviously, just for plain fun. But what about advanced physical therapy video games?