EA says 3D gaming has no traction

I'll absolutely admit that when 3D TVs first hit the market I was very excited about the idea of watching movies and playing games in the resurrected format.

This iOS racing game generates $12 million a month

It's no secret that video games like the wildly popular Angry Birds can be a huge moneymaker for developers.

Thrustmaster revs Ferrari racing wheel and game pad

Thrustmaster is well known for its Ferrari branded line of advanced gaming peripherals, including a number of sweet racing wheels for game consoles and the PC.

New YouTube app hits Sony PS3

When it comes to watching videos online, most people head to Google's YouTube.

A gaming legend is no more

You may not recognize the name Paul Steed, but odds are if you're a gamer, you'll certainly be familiar with Steed's impressive portfolio.

Samsung's Series 7 is a monster 3D laptop

Samsung is refreshing its 3D laptop lineup, with a bright yellow color that is more than just slighty reminiscent of Asus and its flagship Lamborghini devices. 

Dev ports Doom 3 to Android

One of my favorite "scary" FPS games of all times is Doom 3, which launched for the PC way back in 2004.

Ouya Kickstarter hits $7,914,776 as new details emerge

Personally, I have my doubts about the long-term viability of the recently announced Android-powered Ouya game console.

The cyclicity of gaming

This fall and winter will be big for gaming, with a number of major titles hitting store shelves.  

GameKlip turns your Android smartphone into a portable console

One of the biggest problems mobile gamers have with their smartphones are the controls, or lack thereof.

Video: Rise of the Triad FPS gets resurrected

When it comes to playing video games on the PC, my favorite genre is undoubtedly the stalwart first person shooter (FPS).

EA teases FIFA 13 and Madden 13 for Wii U

There are probably many gamers out there - like me - who purchased a Nintendo Wii and then became bored with the console after a few short weeks.

UbiSoft patches DRM loophole vulnerability

UbiSoft has rolled out a patch for its uPlay DRM which reportedly left PCs vulnerable and open to attack from malicious code planted by nefarious websites.

Do raw Wii U specs really matter?

Over the years, Nintendo has made some rather silly statements about its gaming consoles, at least in my humble opinion.

Ouya touts OnLive support, showcases console controller

I'm still more than a little dubious about the chances of success for the Android-powered Ouya game console.

Android game console named after Microsoft, looks like Sony

If the Sony PS Vita and a Google Nexus 7 tied up in a drunken love fest after a late night of gaming, the resulting love child would probably be the Droid X360.

Ouya is betting gamers want Android games in the living room, but do they?

I've been a gamer since I was a kid back in the 80s. Growing up, if you wanted to play games, the arcade was the place to be. As a child of the 80s, I can distinctly remember my first Atari and Nintendo consoles.

Updated: Ouya wants more than the $4.8 million raised on Kickstarter

To most of us out there, $4,876,890 certainly seems like a lot of cash. Yet, it's approximately the amount Ouya managed to raise on Kickstarter to develop its nascent game console.

This Portal 2 turret replica is iconic

Of all the video franchises in the wide world of geekdom, Portal is perhaps one of the most iconic. 

Official YouTube app lands for Sony PS Vita

If you're a gamer who picked up the PS Vita when the portable game console first launched, you probably noticed the integrated web browser left something to be desired.