Vybe game pad is haptic driven

Vybe gaming pad goes haptic for games and movies.

eSfere console wants to take on the Ouya

Funky game console wants to bring Android content to your TV using a touchscreen controller.

Razer details slick Project Fiona gaming tablet

Not too long ago, Razer pledged to move forward with its Project Fiona gaming tablet - if the initiative received 10,000 Facebook likes.

Video: Homebrew channel takes on the Nintendo Wii U

A well-known homebrew channel has been updated to work with Nintendo's recently launched Wii U console.

Yes, Valve is prepping a Steam Box

Gamers have drawn lines in the sand over platforms for years. It's always been PC gamers versus console gamers and even in the console market you have Xbox versus PS3 fans.

Nintendo Wii U app spices up Google Street View

Like most systems today, Nintendo's Wii U is designed to do more than simply play games.

The dual GPUs of Origin's EON17-SLX gaming notebook

Origin has introduced a tricked-out Windows (7 or 8) gaming laptop known as the EON17-SLX.

Video: TI calculator plays Portal (seriously)

Looking for a new way to drown out the drone of your uber-boring math instructor and happen to have a TI graphing calculator handy? Well, you may want to check this out.  

PhoneJoy wants to turn handsets into consoles

We've seen quite a few smartphone game controllers turn up on Kickstarter and other sites in recent months.

Can gaming and kids co-exist?

A lot of people I know have become parents this year, and life certainly changes dramatically when you have a child.

Portal 2 USB Sentry turret defends its sector

Anyone who's ever played Portal or Portal 2 is clearly familiar with the ominous sentry turrets that target players when they approach.

Wise TIVI wants to be an Android gaming contender

The upcoming Ouya console is probably the device most commonly associated with the concept of Android-powered gaming in the living room. Wise wants to change that with its TIVI.

Retro gaming with Raspberry Pi uber-mini arcade cabinet

The slick Raspberry Pi developer board certainly isn't the most powerful computer on the market. In fact, it's downright underpowered when it comes to traditional gaming.

Nintendo: Wii Mini to roll-out on December 7

Cheaper Nintendo Wii Mini ditches Internet connectivity and GameCube compatibility.

Network IDs shackled to a single Nintendo Wii U console

Shackling network IDs to a single Nitendo Wii U console doesn't seem to make all that much sense.

Bonobo Extreme 17.3-inch gaming laptop runs Ubuntu

Extreme gaming laptops are typically associated with Microsoft's Windows operating system, rather than OS X  or Linux.

Star Citizen hits $2,134,374 on Kickstarter

Star Citizen has far exceeed its initial funding goal of $500,000 on Kickstarter, with a total of 34,397 backers pledging an impressive $2,134,374.

Report: Wii U consoles bricked after failed launch day update

A number of Nintendo Wii U owners are reporting some serious issues with their new consoles related to  a 5GB launch day update.  

Microsoft says DirectX 11.1 is only for Windows 8

Microsoft says DirectX 11.1 will be a Windows 8 exclusive. Does it matter?

Maingear touts slick Nomad 15 gaming laptop

Maingear's Nomad 15 is a slick gaming laptop.