Valve's Steambox prototype may be imminent

We've been hearing rumblings about a Linux-powered gaming machine from Valve for some time now.

Dark Horse to carry the Mass Effect torch

Fans of the popular Mass Effect franchise may be lamenting the fact that the last game in the trilogy has been published while the last DLC for ME3 was recently announced.

Is Infinity Ward testing Valve's Steam Box Piston?

During CES 2013 this past January, a tiny little gaming system from Xi3 and Valve tipped up. As you may recall, the machine was hailed as a prototype of Valve's upcoming Steam Box Piston.

In defense of in-game micro-transactions

You may not recognize the name Cliff Bleszinski, but if you're a fan of Epic's Gears of War franchise, you undoubtedly have seen his work.

Report: Xbox 720 has 8 x64 cores running at 1.6 GHz

We already know quite a bit about Sony's recently announced PlayStation 4. However, official details about Microsoft's Xbox 720 (Next) are few and far between.

Sony teases PlayStation 4 UI

Sony officially unveiled its long-awaited PlayStation 4 game console at an event in NYC last week. The next-gen console is the successor to the stalwart PlayStation 3 and is expected to hit the streets towards the end of 2013.

Claim: Microsoft Xbox 720 (Next) to block used video games

Reports and rumors about Microsoft's Xbox 720 (Next) console failing to support used video games have continued to circulate in recent weeks. 

Steam lands ArmA 3 exclusive

Bohemia Interactive's ArmA (2) FPS is typically associated with the incredibly popular DayZ  mod that brings zombie killing to the max.

Report: Sony PS4 may support cross-platform interactivity

Rumors about the PlayStation 4 continue to swirl around the Internet ether and will do so until Sony officially unveils its next generation game console.

Alleged PlayStation 4 controller reports surface

Reports and rumors about Sony's next-generation PlayStation, typically known as the PlayStation 4 (PS4), have been flying for months now.

Sony's PS4 to focus on new style of play, but what about hardware?

I am always somewhat suspicious of a new console that hits the market amidst talk of how hardware and raw horsepower isn't the true focus of the system. 

Crysis (3) sets the standard yet again

One of the key features that gamers look forward to in terms of new consoles is raw graphics horsepower.

Revamped Wikipad tablet specs revealed

Back in July of 2012, the 10.1-inch Wikipad tablet was first unveiled to an eager tech and geek audience.

Ouya promises a new console every year

There are clearly many gamers out there who are interested in the $99 Android-powered Ouya game console, as is illustrated by the millions of dollars the system raised on Kickstarter.

Video: Dolphin emulator plays Nintendo Wii games on Android

There are currently a number of video game emulator apps on the market for Android smartphones and tablets, including PPSSPP and RetroArch.

Report: Xbox Next to block used games, require always-on Internet connection

We all know Microsoft's next-generation Xbox Next (720) will be debuting this year at E3 2013 in Los Angeles.

Video: DayZ devs showcase loot spawning system

DayZ developers have posted a video showcasing a number of features from the upcoming standalone zombie killing video game.

Dead Space 3 launches, "disturbing" DLC gets a March date

The long-anticipated Dead Space 3 video game officially launched today in the US.

Android-powered Ouya game console headed to Amazon and Gamestop

When the Ouya game consoles on Kickstarter first appeared, quite a number of us couldn't help but wonder when and where we would be able to purchase the consoles in the real world.

Android-powered GameStick obliterates Kickstarter funding goals

We recently ran several stories about the GameStick, an Android-powered device that allows users to play video games on a big-screen TV in the living room.