Zotac's new Zbox gaming mini-PCs have Intel Iris Pro inside

Zotac recently launched two new uber-mini gaming machines: the ZBOX EI730 and EI750.

Open source gaming with the DragonBox Pyra

The DragonBox Pyra, powered an ARM Cortex-A15 (dual-core TI OMAP 5) processor, is expected to be an open source 5-inch handheld game console. 

Chicks Dig Videogames (Cool)

It used to be if you liked geek stuff, you didn’t have much of a shot at meeting women with similar interests. Back in the day, chicks just didn’t dig stuff like video games, Lord of the Rings, horror movies, Transformers, etc. We geeks just knew this was the way it was, and we weren’t going to give up our love of Star Trek and Dungeons and Dragons to conform and fit in (and hopefully get a date). 

Report: Valve experiments with eye tracking and sweat response

Thinking about the staff roster at a major game developer such as Valve, I would expect to see computer programmers, graphic artists, and all sorts of other executives and workers on the list.

Report: Nintendo mods Wii U to support smartphone games

Nintendo's Wii U has proven somewhat of a disappointment in terms of sales. Indeed, even a recent price cut by the gaming giant failed to generate strong sales.

Ming Mecca offers analog control of your digital world

A company known as Special Stage Systems has rolled out a rather interesting product that will be sure to appeal to hard-core gamers and hobbyists alike.

Video: Modding the all-in-one Atari 2600 controller

Those of us who grew up in the 1980's fondly remember all the time we spent playing video games on the stalwart Atari 2600.

Video: Android-powered GameStick dev kit gets unboxed

PlayJam's Android-powered GameStick turned up on Kickstarter earlier this year, seeking money from the masses. 

iBenX is an Android gaming machine

There are literally thousands of video games for Android-powered tablets and smartphones. The problem?

Video: Duck Hunt pinball combines classic gaming with metal balls and flippers

Are you a gamer who grew up in the 80s? If so, you'll almost certainly remember Nintendo's Duck Hunt.

Microsoft's Xbox 720 will interact with your cable box

Microsoft has spared little effort in transforming its flagship Xbox 360 into a versatile entertainment hub, making the system much more than a gaming console.

Microsoft exec sees nothing wrong with "always-connected" game consoles

I've always believed many hardware engineers and game devs simply don't understand that a huge amount of people in the United States live in rural areas.

AMD makes APU offer you can't refuse

AMD’s Never Settle game bundles seem to have been quite successful in the past, so it’s hardly surprising that AMD has decided to extend the programme to select APUs. So far the Never Settle promotion was limited to discrete graphics cards.

AMD enters the Cloud of Gaming

AMD thinks that gamers will move to the cloud and it can save its bacon by getting in first.

Commodore 64 emulator headed to Android-powered Ouya

When I was growing up I wanted a Commodore 64 computer so badly I could barely stand it.

Android-powered Ouya supports classic console emulators

When the Ouya game console first turned up on Kickstarter, many of us initially thought the device was only for playing Android games on the big-screen.

Does Ouya offer a more emotional gaming experience?

Ouya's long-awaited console has yet to hit the market, but that hasn't stopped Julie Uhrman from claiming the Android-powered system will offer a more "emotional" experience than can be found on typical mobile devices like tablets.

Pre-orders for Razer Edge Pro halted due to overwhelming demand

Razer's Project Fiona gaming tablet went up for pre-order earlier this month. However, pre-orders have now been put on hold due to overwhelming demand.

Old-school Donkey Kong mod puts Pauline front and center

Never underestimate the power of love and video games.

Xi3 Piston pre-orders kick off at $900

Xi3 Corporation has officially kicked off pre-orders for its slick little Piston compact gaming PC at a $1,000 price point.