Is Wal-Mart Going After GameStop

I think I’ve stepped into a Wal-Mart maybe once in my life, and I doubt I’m missing that much. I can’t vouch for their gaming selection, but there are now reports that Wal-Mart could be getting into the used game business, and this could really end up hurting Game Stop.

Strong demand for Sony's PS4 is no hype

GameStop has confirmed that it's experiencing "strong demand" for Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4 console, with 600,000 members of the retailer's PowerUp Rewards program signing up for the PS4 "First to Know List."

Can brick and mortar gaming stores survive the digital onslaught?

With the economy still in bad shape, it’s depressing to see so many companies and local businesses going under.

Gamestop to sell Wii U games starting 11/5

Keeping in line with a newly developing trend, some Wii U games are set to go on sale before the Wii U console itself.

The disappointments of Resident Evil 6

The first reviews of Resident Evil 6 went live last week, with some publications claiming the game was “an unforgettable experience.”

Gamestop stops Wii U pre-orders

If you didn't get your Wii U pre-order in at Gamestop by now, you'll have to look elsewhere.

The return of old school games

As the saying goes, everything old is new again, and this is especially true of gaming.

GameStop wants a digital classic time machine

We've reported on several interesting developments in the gaming world over the past few weeks.

GameStop eyes Ouya open-source console

GameStop CEO Paul Raines says his company is open to selling the Android-powered Ouya console, which recently managed to raise over $8 million on KickStarter.

Gamestop starts taking Wikipad pre-orders

You can now confirm your $499 game-centric Android tablet.

GameStop not expecting both Xbox 720 & PS4 next year

With the next iteration of Nintendo's Wii expected to launch in the next couple months, the question that everyone is already asking is when the next Xbox and PlayStation products will hit the shelves.

GameStop eyes the classics

We recently ran a story about how games are becoming more realistic than ever with today's technology, but I'm not sure this is such a good thing. 

EA exec sees death in retail gaming

It might not be a good time to be Gamestop.

Gamestop mulls selling "used" digital games


Nexus 7 sells out

Google's first officially-sanctioned tablet is selling like hotcakes.

Gamestop already offering Nexus 7 pre-orders

Gamestop will add Google's newly announced tablet to its nascent roster of Android devices.

Gamestop partners with Sony for PS3 DLC deal

Gamestop is working hard to ensure it doesn't get lost in the gaming industry's push to digital distribution.

Android tablets now in stock at 1600 Gamestop stores

The retailer that needed to prove its relevance in a changing landscape may have done just that.

Lawsuit leads to Gamestop "used game warning"

Step aside, surgeon general. There's a new product that's getting slapped with a warning label.

Gamestop thinks Xbox 720 won't have "anti-used" technology

One of the most talked-about - and most controversial - rumors of the next Xbox won't come to pass, says the leading US games retailer.