Online role playing games are bad for your marriage

This may or may not come as a surprise - but three quarters of gamers' spouses wish their partners would spend less time waving swords around and put a bit more effort into their marriage.

Spammers target childrens' games

With adults wising up to the dangers of clicking unknown links, spammers are increasingly targeting children.

British upgrade defense simulations for console generation

Britain's Ministry of Defence has admitted that its war simulations aren't up to scratch for a generation reared on the PlayStation and Xbox.

Red Cross wants to apply Geneva Convention to games

You'd think the Red Cross would have enough to be worrying about - Afghanistan, famine in east Africa, that sort of thing.

Qualcomm expands Snapdragon S4 lineup

Qualcomm is expanding its already formidable lineup of next-gen S4 mobile chips.

Ads in violent video games turn players against products

Embedding advertisements in violent video games has a totally counter-productive effect, putting users off products and lowering brand recall.

Google+ launches games; Facebook ups the game

As expected, Google's added games to its Google+ social networking service - and Facebook has fired right back with new gaming features of its own.

Why are games fun? asks psychologist

In what makes a nice change from all the reports claiming that videogames make people violent, a new study looks at what makes games fun.

Computer learns human language to teach itself to play games

MIT's developed a machine-learning system that allows a computer to read the instructions for playing Civilization - in one of several different languages - and improve its game.

Some thoughts on a possible Space Invaders movie

I've often wondered if the day will ever come when games and movies successfully cross over.

Relaxing games make people kinder

Numerous studies have indicated that violent video games lead to more aggression and anger. But for the first time, someone's checked to see whether the opposite is true, and found that relaxing video games can make people happier and more kind.

It won’t stay dead: Microsoft's talking paper clip returns

Microsoft must have a really sick sense of humor because they have announced that they are bringing back the much-hated talking paper clip.

Nvidia Tegra Zone app goes live

Nvidia has launched a free app that provides quick access to Android games specifically optimized for the Tegra 2 mobile processor. 

As expected, the app also offers game reviews, high-res screenshots, HD trailers, videos and behind-the-scenes featurettes.

Games - and beer ads - set to boost augmented reality

Mobile augmented reality is set to rocket over the next four years, according to analyst Juniper Research.

FTC investigates Apple's in-app purchases

The Federal Trade Commission has confirmed that it's looking into Apple's controversial app marketing policies - but not because of their effect on content providers.

Study finds new evidence for video game addiction

A new study by an international research team has found more evidence that it really is possible to become addicted to video games.

Good at games? Thank your basal ganglia

Researchers say they can predict a person's ability at video games simply by giving them an MRI.

Gaming brings families together, survey shows

Computer games - often cited as destroyers of family life - are in fact encouraging more 'we-time', a new survey shows.

Sony remains delusional about 3D

Sony has invested quite a lot of cash in pushing the 3D standard forward. So it comes as little surprise that the electronics giant remains slightly, er, delusional about a realistic timeline for mainstream adoption.

Activision goes after EA for 'conspiracy'

Activision's broadening its lawsuit against two game developers who developed Call of Duty, adding Electronic Arts to its list of targets.