Football fans get fanboi game

You might feel that soccer fans already get enough of a chance to present their opinions on the game, but a new service is designed to make it even easier.

Turtle Beach introduces alternative gaming headset

Turtle Beach has introduced a $30 portable gaming headset. Company spokesperson Peter Ronick explained that the Ear Force Z1 was designed as a "cost-effective alternative" to more expensive models.

Zut alors! Facebook launches translation service

Facebook has developpé un service - Translations for Facebook Connect - qui lets web developers translate leurs sites into autres langues.

Twitter Lists lets users pigeonhole their friends

Twitter is testing a new feature allowing the more anal of its users to compile lists of Twitter accounts.

I speaka da Ingrish. I learn it from a vook

Just when you think every stupid product name in Christendom has been used, fate turns around and spits in your eye.

Sony's PSP Go is go

Sony’s PSP Go has launched with new firmware that could be the way games machines are going - it can talk to a mobile phone via Bluetooth to establish a WiFi or 3G Internet connection.

GameTree ports PC-based content to HD television sets

GameTree has partnered with Intel to offer an on-demand gaming platform for HD TV. The platform - known as - is expected to run on Intel CE media processor powered set-top boxes and other electronic devices.

Sony promises motion controller next spring as Nintendo cuts price of Wii

Sony's become the latest console manufacturer to launch a motion-sensitive controller for its PlayStation 3, following Microsoft's formal announcement of Project Natal earlier this week.

Nintendo lowers Wii price point to $200

Nintendo has announced plans to slash the Wii's suggested retail price by $50. According to company spokesperson Cammie Dunaway, the new $200 price point - effective on September 27 - will help advance Nintendo's "mission" to expand the gaming universe.

Playstation ad offends Nigeria

Playstation maker Sony has pulled an advertisement which has offended the Nigerian government.

Beatles finally bigger than Jesus

Search engine Google has resolved a religious argument which has raged for decades – are the Beatles bigger than Jesus?

Activision delays Blur release over multiplayer concerns

Activision has postponed the release of its much-anticipated Blur racing game to 2010. According to Activision Publishing CEO Mike Griffith, the delay will allow developers to enhance Blur's "distinctive" multiplayer capabilities.

Bethesda to disperse Fallout 3 DLC for the PS3 on September 24

Bethesda has confirmed that it will release Broken Steel - the first Fallout 3 DLC for the PS3 - on Thursday, September 24th. Broken Steel is expected to be followed by the release of "Operation: Anchorage" and "The Pitt" on October 1st, while "Point Lookout" and "Mothership Zeta" are slated for October 8th.

iPhone gets infantile application

A company has come out with an application that takes all the sweat out of thinking up a name when you have a baby.

Allman Brothers tie record company to the whipping post

Grammy-winning veteran rockers, the Allman Brothers Band have been given the green light to proceed against their record company for underpayment of royalties from digital downloads of their classic albums.

Atheists get more dates online

God may love you, but the rest of the world isn't so keen. According to US dating website OKCupid, atheists have a better chance of a positive response to their postings  than their more devout compatriots.

Activision unshackles platform gaming with untethered systems

Activision has confirmed plans to develop game titles - such as Guitar Hero - that can be played without the use of a console or PC. According to Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, the advent of high-end televisions with 1080p video capabilities has made such an option "only a question of time."

Who needs a supercomputer when an Xbox will do?

It's always nice to get a bargain, and one researcher is currently rather pleased with himself for realising that an Xbox chip could be used to save the University of Warwick thousands of pounds on parallel processing.

Apple retires 40GB TV model, lowers 160GB version to $229

Club Cupertino has slashed the price of its 160GB Apple TV by $100. The unit - which stores up to 200 hours of video - is now available for $229.

iPorn girls ask Apple execs to improve bum deal

Miffed at Apple's less-than-enthusiastic attitude to its iPhone app, iPorn is threatening to send five of its iPorn girls into the boardroom.