Nintendo gives rollout schedule for Wii Channels

The Nintendo Wii Channels, the backbone of the console's online services, will not all be available right at launch. Instead, channels that already have been confirmed by Nintendo, are going to be spread out between the Sunday launch and next January, according to Gamespot.

PS3 midnight launch: Elation turns to fear as PS3 buyers go home

Some lucky buyers of the PlayStation 3 console had their elation turn to fear as they tried to figure out how to get home without being robbed. We were inside the Hawthorne Circuit City store as the first group of buyers entered. After purchasing their games and console, one person said "I'm scared", while another told us of their "foolproof" plan to get home.

Opinion: Payday - The $15,100 PlayStation 3

Myself and Wolfgang Gruener have just sat, with our mouths agape, as a Playstation 3 bidding war on Ebay reached $10,001.00 a few minutes ago. We nearly fell off of our chairs when it went to $15,000 with mere seconds to go; and finally the winner of the hotly contested bidding war, which began at $1, was a user from the UK who bid $15,100 to become to proud new owner of a Playstation 3.

Playstation 3 distribution gets violent

Low supply, high demand and even higher prices on eBay... If you couldn't see a bit of a PlayStation 3 related crime wave coming then you might want to save your $600 and get some laser eye treatment instead.

Sony launches Playstation 3 in the U.S.

Chicago (IL) - An estimated 150,000 to 200,000 Playstation 3 consoles are going on sale today. The first devices were sold in midnight launch events, while most consoles will be distributed when electronics stores and other retailers such as Walmart and Target will be handing them out in the morning. Ebay sales are picking up steam, with sellers asking for as much as $7000.

PS3 teardown: Gambling with fire

The hours tick down to the imminent North American launch of the PS3. And a lot of hot air it is.

Tale of two tent cities - PS3 launch

Customers at electronic stores across the country are eagerly camping out for Friday's Sony PlayStation 3 launch. In Hawthorne California two very different camps formed at the Circuit City and the Best Buy store across the street. Management at Circuit City maintained a hands-off policy with their camp, while Best Buy employees have been holding regular meetings with their campers and have even helped pick up the trash.

Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars coming to Xbox 360

Electronic Arts has announced that Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars will be coming to the Xbox 360. The game continues the Command and Conquer series after a seven year break with the good guys, GDI, fighting the familiar NOD Brotherhood for control of Tiberium.

Company of Heroes gets 1.3 patch with major flaw

The Company of Heroes v1.3 patch is out. That's the good news.

Three PS3 campers and news reporter hit in drive-by shooting

Three PS3 campers and a WKYT news reporter were hit in a drive-by Wednesday night while outside the Lexington Kentucky Best Buy store. The four people were hit by BB pellets and were not seriously hurt. According to WKYT, some of the campers are now afraid for their lives and have left the line.

Fry's to sell $1080 PS3 bundle, Circuit City schedules midnight launch

Chicago (IL) - If you are already planning on spending $600 for the Playstation 3 and few extra dollars on or more games this package should not be much of a sticker shock: According to this ad (PDF - 2.9 MB), which we found through a post on the FatWallet forums, Fry's will require PS3 buyers to buy at least eight games with their new console.

Update: Microsoft announces Halo 3 beta

Microsoft and Bungie Studios today said that the first multiplayer public beta of Halo 3 will be released in spring of next year.

Taiwan gets 500 PS3 consoles for launch, U.S. PS3 allocation reduced again?

Chicago (IL) - And you thought the supply of Playstation 3 consoles in the U.S. was tight: Digitimes reports that Sony has allocated a total of 150 game consoles for its major launch event in downtown Taipei on November 17. An additional 350 consoles will be sold through 35 selected stores, according to Sony's Taiwan branch.

Ziff Davis axes Playstation Magazine

In an announcement that came just three days before the widely anticipated PS3 release, Ziff Davis today said that the official US PlayStation Magazine, one of its properties, will shut down publication, tagging the January 2007 issue as the final one.

PS3 has trouble with some older games

Sony's Playstation 3 game console, which went on sale in Japan over the weekend leading off a global launch, can't play some of the older games for the original Playstation and the upgrade Playstation 2 , a company official said Tuesday.

Microsoft re-releases BSOD screensaver

Microsoft has re-released the infamous Blue Screen of Death screensaver from Sysinternals. The screensaver simulates the trademark Windows error message and even fakes hard drive activity.

Nintendo to release DVD-enabled Wii in 2007

Nintendo of America has confirmed that a DVD-enabled Wii is indeed coming to the U.S. Previous reports suggested that this may have been a Japan-only promotion. Sonic Solutions will be providing the DVD navigation software for the Wii.

Best Buy boots Burbank PS3 line - Updated with Picture

Best Buy Burbank has given the boot to the ten people waiting for the Sony PlayStation 3 launch. According to our sources in the line, Best Buy kicked the group off property on Friday afternoon November 10. This comes almost four full days after they initially started lining up. Sign posted at the Best Buy store entrance

Sony gets strong PS3 start in Japan

Tokyo (Japan) - Over the weekend, the hotly anticipated PS3 console made its worldwide debut when it launched in Japan on Saturday, November 11. The console was virtually a sell-out within hours of store openings on Saturday, setting the pavement for the increasingly fervent North American launch this week.

Second Life gets its own reality TV show

Big Brother, the hit television show where contestants are stuck in a house, is coming to Second Life's virtual world. Fifteen players will stay in a glass house with one being voted off each week. The surviving player will get a virtual island with the game.