Sims kicks the living Orc out of WoW

Golly gosh gollum, simulation soap opera beats up on simulation fantasy creature feature. Bragging rights and millions of dollars at stake.

9 geek movies for 2010

We will never stop telling you what to like, how to feel, and what movies you should be watching this year. One editor's Sunday morning moment of meglomania.

15 most anticipated games of 2010

One editor's journey into the darkest depth of his desires. 15 ways to dull the ache of another year and avoid social interaction.

Project Natal will revive Japanese gaming says Microsoft

Even though it may not have needed saving, Microsoft executive Aaron Greenberg has claimed that Project Natal could help revive the Japanese gaming market.

Nintendo Wii wins December console wars

The NPD Group has confirmed that Nintendo shattered previous sales records by offloading 3.81 million Wii consoles (in North America) during the month of December.

Simpsons Nut goes Sleepless in Springfield

A Simpsons fan is attempting to set a world record by watching all 451 episodes of the cartoon series back to back.

Modern Warfare 2 generates $1 billion in global sales

Activision confirms that sales of its popular Modern Warfare 2 video game have exceeded $1 billion.

French lingerie commercial sexes up YouTube

A French lingerie commercial featuring supermodel Bar Refaeli has been viewed nearly 200,000 times since being posted to YouTube on January 10.

Nintendo insists the Wii is far from dead

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime recently insisted that the Wii console still has a "very long life" ahead of it.

Sony develops next-gen Blu-ray format for PS4

High-level Sony executive Shuhei Yoshida recently told Play3 that the future Playstation 4 will use optical storage discs such as Blu-ray for its game library.

Twitter seeks staff to help it make money

The rumors that Twitter is hoping to actually start making a profit from its service look to be true, with the company advertising for staff devoted to generating revenue.

Word of the "decade" is Google

It's not the end of the decade yet but the American Dialect Society has decided that for it the word of the decade - that hasn't yet finished yet - is Google.

Ron Jeremy: Violent video games are worse than porn

Adult film star Ron Jeremy has claimed that violent video games pose more of a danger to children than pornography.

Capcom showcases Lost Planet 2

Capcom offered TG Daily a sneak peek of the latest Lost Planet 2 build at a special CES 2010 demo held in the swanky Planet Hollywood hotel.

Cyberlink touts 3D Blu-ray experience

Cyberlink is showcasing its 3D Blu-ray platform at CES 2010.

Vuzix debuts augmented reality eyewear

Vuzix has debuted an $800 pair of video eyewear that offers users access to 67-inch displays of mixed and augmented reality.

CES - it's all a heap of crap

Opinion The foremost shock 'n' awe tech show in the world is a complete and utter waste of time.

iGugu touts TV PC gaming

iGugu has introduced a system that allows users to easily access and play PC games on televisions or home theater systems.

Bono told to shut up

A British ISP has posted an attack on U2 frontman, Saint Bono of Solipsis, advising him to shut it.

Buzz Lightyear pays $330,000 for imaginary space station

Proving that you can perhaps put a price tag on stupidity, a gamer has handed over real cash for a pretend spacecraft.