Google grovels over Buzz privacy issues

Google's made some swift changes to its social networking application Buzz, in an attempt to allay privacy concerns.

Pirate Bay founder wants users to pay for music

One of the founders of Pirate Bay, Peter Sunde, has launched a website that, er, lets people pay for content on the web.

Apple gives away $10,000-worth of music

Apple is promising a $10,000 gift card to the person who makes the ten billionth iTunes download.

Apple hopes to offer $1 TV downloads

Apple may be planning to offer downloaded TV shows for as little as 99 cents when its iPad launches in a few weeks' time.

Flickr founder launches trippy new game

Flickr cofounder Stewart Butterfield is having another shot at marketing a massively multiplayer game.

3D console gaming to accelerate in 2010

An Insight Media analyst has predicted that video game studios will likely release up to 25 stereoscopic 3D (enabled) console titles in 2010. 

Nook e-reader makes it back into the stores

Barnes and Noble's Nook e-reader, which sold out over the holidays, is back on sale online and in stores - just in time for Valentine's Day, says the company, hopefully.

Pay it with Facebook

After years of trying to come up with a half decent revenue model to justify its billions of dollars of “worth”, it seems Facebook is turning to agriculture to make some moolah. And when we say agriculture, we mean, of course, Farmville.

Weekly game roundup

Projector game controllers and Spec Ops: The Line

Apple lines up against Palm, Microsoft. And Apple

Opinion This week was the big Apple iPod refresh and the interest was almost as focused on what Apple didn’t announce as it was on what they did.   I think the overarching news was that despite looking incredibly thin, Steve Jobs performed the long program flawlessly.  You can use a number of tricks to make someone who isn’t healthy look healthy but getting them on stage with energy generally means they are able to function and Steve Jobs clearly showcased he is on his game again.  

Hollywood panics! X-Men Origins: Wolverine pirated, hits web a month before official release

Late yesterday, an illegal copy of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine leaked on the web -- one full month ahead of the official premiere slated for May 1. Naturally, it sent shivers down many Hollywood mogul's spines and also shocked analysts. It's also a big blow to 20th Century Fox, who fears the illegal copy and potentially skewed reviews could hurt the movie's revenue. Being an avid movies fan, I'm tempted to download it. On the other hand, I know it would be bad for my karma. Should I surrender? I (and many others) won't be buying our tickets when the time comes.

Bandwidth and Brawndo power PDXLAN party

Portland (OR) – You can never have enough bandwidth or energy drinks.  This is the motto that hundreds of gamers will use over the weekend as they attend the PDXLAN gaming party in Portland Oregon.  LAN party coverage is nothing new, so we’re covering the unsung, but still very technical aspects of a LAN party, namely the power and network connections.  For most of the day, I followed more than a dozen volunteers around as they spliced network cables, configured routers and guzzled cases of Brawndo energy drink to stay awake.

EMI to debut iTunes John Lennon video album at Starbucks

Starbucks will be offering a digital music release card unlocking 21 John Lennon music videos on iTunes beginning December 4.Hollywood (CA) – Starbucks will be offering a digital music release card unlocking 21 John Lennon music videos on iTunes beginning December 4. Publisher Capitol/EMI Music Videos said that the 21 videos are priced as a bundle at $24.95 and will allow buyers to see videos that are available in a digital format for the first time.

Feel shotgun blasts with TN Games 3rd Space Vest

A new gaming vest promises to help gamers feel every brutal punch, stab and even square-in-the-chest shotgun blasts.  The “3rd Space” vest from TN Games reproduces impact with eight air pouches that inflate rapidly thanks to an external air compressor.  Pressure can be varied simulate everything from a simple tap on the shoulder to a baseball bat to the chest.

Flight sim fans drool over Multi Function Panels from CH Products

Los Angeles (CA) – Serious flight simulator fanatics usually plunk down hundreds, even thousands of dollars for custom flight controls, but CH Products wants to change all that with its Multi Function Panels.  The USB device allows owners to mount buttons onto printed templates and crazy gamers can install up to 16 panels on their computers.

GIMP.TV answering questions you’re too embarrassed to ask

Ontario (CA) – Basic car maintenance like changing your oil and rotating tires may seem easy to grease monkeys, but to many people it’s as mysterious and complicated as brain surgery.  Now, there’s a video podcast called “Fuel Time” that promises to show basic car fixes, all without embarrassing yourself.

Ask a Ninja unmasked

Ontario (CA) - Imagine being able to ask the Ninja from Ask a Ninja not just one question but a whole bunch of questions all at once! was given a chance to do just that at the 3rd Annual Podcasting and New Media Expo in Ontario, California this past weekend. Even better, we lived to tell about it.  

Virgin America entertains passengers with music videos

Virgin America is adding music videos to it's in-flight entertainment program. Besides the already available 25 movies, satellite TV and 3000 MP3 files, Virgin and VH1 are now showing 50 music videos from artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Maroon 5, Nelly Furtado, Shakira, Coldwar Kids, John Legend and Lily Allen. " Soon guests will also be able to make music video playlists and preferences in-flight

Blizzcon 2007 announced

Blizzard has announced the long-awaited Blizzcon 2007 convention.Irvine (CA) - Blizzard has announced the long-awaited Blizzcon 2007 convention.  The convention will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Southern California on August 3rd and 4th and will combine discussion panels, artist signings and gaming tournaments.  World of Warcraft fans have eagerly nearly two years since the inaugural Blizzcon back in 2005.  Blizzard says tickets will be $100 per person and you can expect those to sell out quickly.

Google dives into video game advertising

Google is getting into video game advertising with its purchase of Adscape Media for an undisclosed amount of money. Mountain View (CA) - Google is getting into video game advertising with its purchase of Adscape Media for an undisclosed amount of money. Adscape and the search engine giant have released a joint FAQ on Adscape's website, but are keeping most of the details under wraps.