Oh boy...The Bachelor video game due out this summer

Robotic movements, pre-programmed emotions, and extra points for avoiding sabotage - and that's just the TV show. Imagine what will happen will all of this makes its way over the video game land. Luckily for all of us, Warner Bros is making that happen.

Indie game developers push for reality TV show

Three independent game development studios are currently pitching around an idea for a new reality show - one that would put cameras inside the development process of a game from start to finish.

EA hints at more fitness games for Wii

Electronic Arts, one of the biggest video game publishers in the world, recently reconfirmed its bullish stance on the Wii and hinted that it is particularly pleased with the success of its "EA Sports Active" franchise.

Space Invaders movie may be on the way

The 1978 arcade game Space Invaders is considered to be a true classic, but it probably hasn't crossed the minds of too many people that it could be adapted into a full-length motion picture. However, Warner Bros is reportedly taking that leap.

Activision creates new Call of Duty division

After the president and co-founder of Call of Duty's development studio were fired yesterday, Activision has created a new business unit to handle the hotly successful first-person shooter franchise.

'Insubordinate' Infinity Ward bosses fired

Maybe violent games really do make people aggressive: Activision has fired two senior employees of the studio behind Modern Warfare 2, citing insubordination.

Twitter considering new ad-funded model

Twitter is believed to be planning a new advertising system similar to Google's AdWords.  

Americans turn to the net for their news

The writing may be on the wall for newspapers - or on the screen, at least. A new report from the Pew Internet and American Life project says that online news has taken over from print as the third most popular way for Americans to get their news.

PlayStation Network fails, hitting users worldwide

PlayStation 3 users around the world have been left unable to connect to the PlayStation Network, with Sony still unable to identify the source of the problem.

Facebook wins patent over newsfeeds

Facebook has been granted a patent that covers large chunks of the entire social networking news feed concept, potentially stopping other social network providers in their tracks.

A fifth of British drivers use Facebook at the wheel

What to do if the government bans texting while driving? Fear not. In the UK, where there's already legislation against it, drivers have found a solution: update your Facebook page instead.

Wal-Mart shuts down Vudu porn distribution

They're cuddly folk at Wal-Mart, and they don't like mucky stuff - they won't even sell CDs with sexually explicit lyrics. So it's no surprise that, right after buying video start-up Vudu, the retailer has shut down its adult section.

Women know more stuff than men

A five-month Trivial Pursuit game waged between the sexes has concluded that women are more knowledgeable than men - but only just.

The Perfect Storm is the perfect movie, say scientists

We suspect Cornell University's James Cutting is after a job in Hollywood. He and his team have applied cognitive psychology to work out which films are the most engrossing. Based on modern perception research, they deconstructed 70 years of film, shot by shot.

Yahoo integrates tweets into search results and sites

Twitter has sold Yahoo its 'Firehose' - the full feed of public tweets - allowing Yahoo to integrate Twitter feeds into home pages, email accounts and search results.

Tweeters twitter on... and on...

It hardly bears thinking about - there are now 50 million tweets a day, according to Twitter. That's 600 per second.

Sony patents universal games controller

Sony has filed a patent for a game controller that would work with any console.

New graphics algorithm promises film quality games

Graphics developers at Williams College and Nvidia have created a new algorithm that they say will drastically improve graphics quality.

Australian politician says he's scared of gamers

Be gentle, now: an Australian politician said yesterday that he reckons gamers are more scary than bikers.

Facebook shrinks to Zero

Facebook is launching a cut-down version for mobile users, eliminating pictures and other bandwidth-hungry content.