Capcom retools Street Fighter IV for the iPhone

Capcom is reportedly developing an iPhone-friendly version of Street Fighter IV.

Microsoft Zunes in on Phone interfaces

While everyone waited with baited breath for Microsoft to announce a "Zune phone" at this year's MWC in Barcelona, Steve Ballmer added a surprise Microsoft twist to the mix, effectively announcing that all Microsoft phones would be Zune phones from now on.

Microsoft turned down US army XBox contract

It has emerged that four years ago Microsoft turned down a potentially huge and profitable deal with the US military which had wanted to stock up on Xbox 360 consoles for soldier training.

It's official: Fable III expected to "piss" people off

The overhyped Fable II was a huge disappointment for many gamers, but Fable III may be even worse.

Claim: Online gaming puts children at risk

A recent TV report from Denver, Colorado station KDVR has gamers on the virtual rampage, as its hysterical sensationalism blocks out all common sense in a report which appears to deliver the message that gaming will lead to child molestation and death.

Steve Jobs hawks Apple iPad in NYC

Saint Steven Jobs has been spotted in NYC hawking his overhyped iPad in the offices of the New York Times and Time Inc.

Blogging's just too much like hard work

It always was a bit implausible - the idea that there was a method of communicating with teenagers. Limited success with dolphins and PVS patients got scientists' hopes up, but ultimately there are limits to all human endeavour.

Japanese games take voyeurism to new levels

When it comes to video game voyeurism and risqué gameplay, the Japanese sure know how to roll.

THQ preps Red Faction sequel for E3 debut

THQ CEO Brian Farrell has announced plans to release a "high-quality" sequel to Red Faction in fiscal 2011.

Aussie politician's Twitter account hijacked

Nature abhors a vacuum, and when New South Wales premier Kristina Keneally ditched her Twitter account, one member of the Australian public spotted an opportunity.

Roxxxy the sexbot proving a popular gal

Last month when TG Dailymet Roxxxy the sexbot at Vegas’ Adult Expo, we were impressed at the softness of her hypoallergenic silicone skin, her anatomical correctness and her vacant, yet alluring expression – not dissimilar to that of most celebrities. 

Star Trek Online hits Warp 10

Engage! Atari and Cryptic Studios have successfully launched a "bold new" Star Trek MMO.

Buffalo touts 500GB external PS3 drives

Buffalo has confirmed that it will be launching two external hard drives for Sony's Playstation 3 console in March.

Report: Bioware censors same-sex forum topics

Bioware has reportedly closed a number of forum threads discussing same-sex romances in games such as Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins.

Captain Picard: Resistance to Twitter isn't futile

Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard has officially informed the Federation that he will not engage in senseless Twittering. 

Power of thought to control Niagara Falls lightshow

Visitors to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver next week will be able to control lightshows at major landmarks by the power of thought alone.

Sony to win sales from disappointed iPad gamers?

In typical narcissistic Sony fashion, the firm’s director of hardware marketing has said that Apple’s iPad will be good business – for Sony, that is.

Wii-Fit thanked for saving fat woman's life

There’s nothing quite like a wee story about a Nintendo Wii saving somewiins life, and who are we at TG Daily to hold back, especially on a Monday?

Microsoft snubs US gamers with "Japanese only" Xbox HD

Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing a 250 GB hard-disk drive for the Xbox 360 on March 11, 2010.

Microsoft says the iPad is a "locked down" device

Microsoft has criticized the Apple iPad for being a "locked down" device.