Report: Playing computer games makes brains feel and think alike

It's well known that people who communicate face-to-face will start to imitate each other. People adopt each other's poses and gestures, much like infectious yawning. What is less known is that the very physiology of interacting people shows a type of mimicry – which we call synchrony or linkage, explains Michiel Sovijärvi-Spapé.

Defective Heat Sinks Causing Garbage Gaming

When Valve’s customers have performance problems in our games we sometimes ask them to send in xperf traces for us to examine. In some cases this lets me find performance bugs that didn’t show up during our testing, and fixing these issues makes our games run faster for ...

Disney Research develops method to provide tactile feedback in free air

Puffs of compressed air create sensations that can be associated by the user with textured surfaces or force feedback.   

Virtual tractor market crashes; real people get crapped on

"There are more tractors sold in Farmville every day than are sold in the US every year." Fred Wilson, VC and principal at Union Street Ventures, December 30, 2009. Yesterday: Zynga lays off 520 people.

Sony in profit but all is not well

For the first time in five years, seppuku-prone gadget behemoth Sony has posted annual profits - but the company is far from out of the woods.

Ubisoft cracked wide open

Russian hackers have worked out a way that they can gain free access to Ubisoft's online game offerings.

Action gaming boosts dyslexics' reading skills

Dyslexic children could one day get carte blanche to spend all day playing video games - it seems it does more to improve their reading ability than many traditional educational programs.

Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer searches the wreckage

SEGA and Gearbox Software have released a new story-trailer for their upcoming action game based on the classic Alien franchise.

Nokia engineer shows how to hack Windows 8 games

A Nokia engineer has published a series of simple steps that allow users to hack Windows 8 games for free in-app purchases.

App developers failing to protect kids' privacy, says FTC

The Federal Trade Commission says there's been little progress amongst children's app makers in addressing privacy issues, and is warning that it's planning several investigations.

A closer look at the The Isles of the Sun - Indie d20 campaign guide

One of the best things about Kickstarter is how it helps indie artists get their work out to a potential audience.

Rockstar teases GTA V protagonist

Rockstar has revealed some sparse details about our next anti-hero.

Grand Theft Auto V can't settle down

Rockstar Games recently announced a release window for its upcoming open-world adventure game sequel.

Video: Fan remake of Descent is in the works and looking good

Modder Madmax1998 is making us the Descent we deserve.

The creeping bloat of iOS apps

The iPad 3's Retina display along with Apple's more liberal submission policy have prompted the file sizes of popular iOS apps to grow substantially - especially for games.

Exclusive: Battleship Blu-ray seeks a planet that's just right

This clip from the Battleship Blu-ray special features is a TG Daily exclusive.

Device lets disabled play games with their eyes

A new set of glasses costing less than $60 could allow gamers to play using only their eye movements - ideal for the disabled, say its inventors.

Study: FPS games enhance brain activity

Did you know that playing a first-person shooter causes differences in brain activity and improvements in visual attention?

James Bond is back in books and games

When James Bond hit the silver screen in 1962, everyone wanted to be a spy. The danger, the Cold War intrigue, the gadgets, the women, it all looked so exciting. 

New Marvel games coming soon

With The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man coming soon, it only makes sense to create video games out of these superhero franchises, and that's just what's been announced at the Game Developers Conference.