Game of Thrones Promises to End Well, and There May Also Be a Movie

We often rant about shows and movies that are ruined by their endings, but this is preaching to the converted. Where Breaking Bad had a good finale, plans are in place for Game of Thrones to end well, and there may be movies as well.   

Game of Thrones Wants to Get Out at the Right Time

There’s nothing worse than when a show outstays its welcome, or when a show ends badly. It doesn’t totally ruin the entire show, or your good memories of it, but it can definitely leave a bad taste in your mouth for years to come, which is why Game of Thrones is planning to get out at the right time.

Should Rap Come to Game of Thrones?

There’s nothing more painful than people rapping who have no business rapping, or rap music being used in an inappropriate place. So does rap have any place with Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones Doing Gangbuster Business on Video

Game of Thrones will be returning on April 6, and it’s apparently doing quite well with binge watchers. This makes sense because it’s one of those shows that pick up extra ratings when people watch it later on TiVo.

Should republicans fear Obama's love of Game of Thrones?

When you’re the President, you can make a lot of demands and people will move heaven and earth to try to get it done. World peace is tough to negotiate, but how about an advance DVD of Game of Thrones?

Terminator Genesis Casting Coming Together

However it turns out, good, bad or indifferent, we all know that Star Wars is going to be the big genre flick to see in 2015. Right now, casting is also coming down to the wire on another genre blockbuster coming in the summer of ’15, Terminator Genesis, which will be a prequel. 

New Developments Coming to Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is heading back to cable on April 6, and the show’s sure to be a ratings bonanza when it returns. It’s also going to steer clear of the return of The Walking Dead, which is coming on February 9. (It would be highly foolish for both shows to go head to head in the ratings.) 

When Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Under the Dome Will Return

With so many great shows out there, there has really been a great time for genre television. Now that it’s a new year, we’ve got all new seasons of Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Under the Dome just around the corner, but at least two of those shows will relaunch further away from each other so not to create a ratings war. 

Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad Still the Most Stolen Shows on Cable

In a day and age where everybody expects everything to be free, perhaps it’s a status symbol when people are stealing your stuff like crazy. It certainly bodes well for Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, who once again are topping the charts for the most pirated shows on TV. 

Terminator Genesis Has Its Sarah Connor

The Terminator prequel, which is titled Terminator Genesis, is coming together pretty quickly for a July 1, 2015 release date. Lately there’s been a lot of speculation as to who will play the two most important roles, John and Sarah Connor, and at least one of those roles has finally been filled…

Terminator 5 May Have Its John Connor

Terminator 5 is currently being scheduled for a July 1, 2015 opening, and the big casting decisions of course will revolve around who will play John and Sarah Connor. Several big names have been mentioned to play Sarah, and the producers would love Tom Hardy to play John. But now the news has hit that another actor who’s a little more under the radar may get the Connor role. 

The Game of Thrones Video Game Is Coming

This shouldn’t be any big surprise, but it seemed inevitable that there would be a Game of Thrones video game one of these days. In fact, we’re surprised there hasn’t been one already. After all, there’s Game of Thrones beer, and you can even pay $30,000 for a full-sized metal replica of the show’s throne, so why not a video game?

Terminator 5 Is Looking For Its Sarah Connor

When we heard the news that Megan and David Ellison, who are the kids of Oracle founder Larry Ellison, had bought the right to The Terminator, we weren’t sure if the movie would ever get the green light. The rights deal lasts until 2018, so Megan and David have to get the movie made by that point before The Terminator slips out of their hands. This apparently won’t happen because it looks like Terminator 5 is indeed up and running, and casting has already begun. 

DVR is Driving Ratings Through the Roof

When we wait to see what shows are top of the ratings heap these days, we usually have to wait an extra day. The reason is many people like to watch shows later, via DVR. 

Thor: The Dark World On Track For a Big Opening

The next installment in Thor, Thor: the Dark World, should end up doing very well considering he’s part of the Avengers team. While fans are salivating for Avengers 2, which is due in 2015, they had Iron Man 3 this summer to keep them satisfied for a while, and Thor should also help bridge the gap nicely as well. 

Terminator 5 Update

Along with Star Wars, Avengers 2, and Batman Vs Superman, another big franchise coming in the summer of 2015 will be the fifth Terminator movie, which is currently slated for a July 1, 2015 release. 

Peter Dinklage Talks X-Men

Peter Dinklage is one of the best actors we have out there right now, and it’s great that he never got stuck in dwarf roles, like the guy who played Mini-Me. In fact, Dinklage turned down a lot of short people roles, including Mini-Me, to prevent himself from being type cast. 

3D Printed Game Of Thrones iPhone Dock Gets HBO Banhammer

3D printing technology has definitely come a long way, and each day that progresses, we are moving closer and closer to the day and time when the man on the street is capable of producing his or her 3D printed goods without breaking the bank. Fernando Sosa happens ...

5 reasons George RR Martin hates men

The self-proclaimed feminist author who sucked us into the Game of Thrones and then kicked us in the nether regions with the Red Wedding has some explainin' to do.

Game of Thrones video introduces 11 new characters

HBO has posted a 10 minute featurette outlining 11 new characters that will be making an appearance this third season.