HTC gets trademark for "Scribe." Tablet anyone?

Hey, all the cool kids are doing it, so why not? Right, HTC? The flagship Android phone manufacturer apparently now has its eye on making an iPad killer.

Motorola preps mystery tablet for CES 2011

Motorola has released a short teaser video ahead of CES 2011 to hype its next-gen tablet.

Samsung unveils $1,000 "Luxury" Galaxy Tab

One of the main draws of Android-based tablets is that they offer a more affordable alternative to the iPad. However, Samsung doesn't see it that way as the company will soon be launching a version of its tablet computer for around $1,000.

Sprint 4G tablet coming next year

Sprint was the first to offer 4G-powered MiFi devices, and then became the first to have a smartphone running on a 4G network. Now, it's also the first to confirm a tablet device capable of connecting to a next-gen mobile data service.

Samsung Galaxy Tab surpasses a million sales

It looks like Samsung's huge wager in entering the tablet market with a $600 device is not exactly going down in the flop books. The company is now reporting one million units have been sold and it expects to still reach another 500,000 by the end of the year.

85% prefer iPad over expensive Galaxy Tab

It turns out people really aren't too crazy about Samsung's supposed iPad killer, the Galaxy Tab, as an astoundingly low 15% said they would prefer the new tablet option.

Video: Ubuntu crash lands on Samsung's Galaxy Tab

A talented XDA-Dev team member has managed to boot Ubuntu Linux on Samsung's Galaxy-class Tab.

Samsung deals with MTV for exclusive Galaxy Tab app

If you want to be able to irritate people wherever you go, get a Samsung Galaxy Tab, because it comes with a new, exclusive MTV app allowing you to watch Jersey Shore anytime, anywhere.

AT&T Galaxy Tab rumored to be priced at $650

Smack dab in between the Sprint/Verizon and T-Mobile prices for Samsung's new Galaxy Tab device, AT&T will reportedly be pricing its version at $650.

Samsung outs a 10-inch Galaxy Tab

Although it insisted that consumers want a device that's smaller than the iPad, it seems Samsung it moving forward with plans to create a device that is about the same size.

Blackberry Playbook will be less than $500

While not much has been said of Research in Motion's Blackberry OS-based iPad killer since it was first announced a few months ago, recent speculation does show it has one thing going for it: an affordable price.

Samsung's Galaxy Tab goal set at one million

As the most critical iPad rival to date and a very important device for Samsung, the Galaxy Tab needs to sell well if it is to stand on its own when all is said and done. If it sells a million units in the next two months, that might do it, and that's exactly what Samsung is forecasting.

Gameloft exclusive games get pre-installed on Galaxy Tab

One thing Apple has learned about the iPad is it thrives on gaming. Developers are re-programming their iPhone games for the larger screen and many are looking to the iPad as a new game system.

Galaxy Tab hits T-Mobile at cheapest yet, $400

Sprint and Verizon's launch plans have been confirmed for Samsung's hopeful iPad killer, and now we're getting a look at what T-Mobile plans to do with the little device.

T-Mobile gets its Galaxy Pad November 10, $400

Details have just been announced for T-Mobile version of Samsung's iPad killer, the Galaxy Tab. Not only will it be the first mobile provider to begin selling the device, it'll also be available with a $200 discount.

Best Buy to sell 3G-less Galaxy Tab, but what's the point?

A leaked ad suggests Best Buy will begin selling a new version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab that only has Wi-Fi connectivity and knocks off $100 from the price, but that kind of defeats the entire purpose of the device.

Verizon tries to justify crazy $600 Galaxy Tab price

Verizon is trying to stand up for Samsung and the company's Galaxy Tab tablet, which wants to compete against Apple's iPad but may have a hard time due to a high launch price.

T-Mobile suggests $650 Galaxy Tab price point

Samsung's iPad killer, the Android-based Galaxy Tab, will be priced in the same range as the iPad but customers will be able to get discounts by signing up for 3G service contracts.

Samsung may be eyeing a 10-inch Galaxy Tab

Samsung's Galaxy Tab is gaining a lot of attention as what could be the first true competitor to the iPad. With a 7-inch display it doesn't quite match up side-by-side to the iPad but apparently there's another model in the works that does.

Sticker shock! Samsung's Galaxy Tab might be $1,000?

Samsung's iPad rival, the Galaxy Tab, will have a smaller screen, less software, and a cheaper operating system than the iPad, but it might actually cost more - more than 2x more!