When it comes to enterprise, iPad dominates

Android may be making an earnest dent in Apple's tablet stranglehold, but there is one market the iPad is still absolutely killing.

Surprising report reveals Android's 30% tablet share

Just one year after we were talking about numbers like Apple's ~95% monopoly in the tablet race, Android has managed to take a huge bite out of the lucrative market.

Philadelphia newspapers offer discounted tablets

If you read the Philadelphia Inquirer or the Philadelphia Daily News, here's some good news of your own.

Outspoken Samsung CTO Omar Kham resigns

Omar Khan, Samsung's chief technology officer and one of the most vocal figures in the company's mobile strategy, has resigned.

Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab devices get Gingerbread push

Samsung's slate of Android smartphones and tablets are getting updated to Android 2.3.

Samsung files countersuit against Apple in iPad row

It's a corporate battle for the ages.

Apple sues Samsung for "blatantly" copying iPad

Although imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Apple isn't so happy about Samsung's flirtation in the tablet and smartphone markets.

Report: Samsung in denial about overweight Galaxy Tab

When it comes to new electronic items, nothing is more convincing than holding an actual device in your hands. The feel, the vibe, it’s all part of the buying experience for most.

Samsung adds two to Galaxy Tab portfolio

Samsung has just announced a complete overhaul to its Galaxy Tab line of tablets, not only introducing two new models but also with an expansive shakeup to the software on the back end.

Best Buy considers equipping salespeople with tablets

The #1 electronics retailer in America has come up with a plan to provide tablets to some of its sales people on the retail floor, but it won't say what tablet it has in mind.

Galaxy Tab slashed to $300 on Xoom's heels

A funny thing happens when there's a bigger and better Android tablet on the market - the one that previously had a stranglehold on the entire industry gets dropped radically in price.

Samsung unveils larger, 10-inch Galaxy Tab

After quite a successful run with its Android-based, 7-inch Galaxy Tab tablet, Samsung has revealed a new version of the device with a 10 inch display that will be more of a direct rival to the iPad.

Crazy rumor suggests an 'iPad mini' this year

The iPad 2 hasn't even been announced yet and already people have begun speculating about the iPad 3...or as some are calling it, the iPad Mini.

Samsung turns 'Galaxy' products into TV remote

If you just so happen to have a recent Samsung TV, a Samsung Galaxy Tab, and a Samsung Galaxy S phone...chances are you work for Samsung. But on the off chance that you don't, here's a neat little app for you.

Android tablets surprisingly taking large chunk of tablet pie

A new report says that in the final quarter of 2010, Android tablets took a surprisingly dent-worthy 22% of the multimedia tablet market, significantly knocking down the iPad which had previously commanded a 95% reign in the category.

Galaxy Tab overclocked to a sweet 1.2GHz

Yes, the PC scene may have fallen into a bit of a lull, so it's good to see a new generation of enthusiasts pick up the overclocking torch (at least, on the software side) in the mobile arena.

LG reportedly working on glasses-free 3D tablet

All these iPad competitors out there are really having a tough time setting them apart from the pack. But that may soon change as companies like LG start incorporating 3D displays that don't require special 3D glasses.

RIM sets million-unit Playbook goal

We're seeing a bit of what's inside Research in Motion's Playbook playbook, as the company has ordered a million units to be produced from its overseas manufacturing partners.

Sony, out of nowhere, wants to be 2nd place in tablets

Samsung has the Galaxy Tab, Motorola has the Xoom, Asus has a few on the way, and yet the company that says it can go all the way up to knocking on the iPad's door...is Sony?

Verizon slashes Galaxy Tab price

Samsung's Galaxy Tab has faced one big problem from day one - it's supposed to be an iPad killer but you can get an iPad for less money. But now, if you sign up for a Verizon data plan, you can get one for the same price as the cheapest iPad.