The Nokia Lumia 1020: everything old is new again

How does the Nokia Lumia 1020 compare with the best of the rest? It has a giant 41 Megapixel camera, but how deep do you want your selfies to go anyhow? Well, it is an impressive piece of hardware.

10 facts that prove Galaxy S4 is better than iPhone 5

We have facts, people. Unassailable truths that justify sneering at iPhone lovers and the bourgeoise followers that trail them.

HTC management gets shaken up

It is no secret that HTC is trying to reinvent itself and transform its somewhat geeky brand image. It's off to a good start, as its flagship HTC One handset is getting very positive reviews and giving Samsung’s Galaxy S4 a run for its money, but all is not going well.

Samsung Galaxy S4 storms into the market

Smartphone juggernaut Samsung has reportedly managed to beat its own sales projections with the Galaxy S4.

Samsung gets boost from extra smartphone sales

Growing sales of its smartphones have helped Samsung reach a record quarterly profit.

Samsung covers its tracks by using Snapdragon

Samsung might have a bit of explaining to do after it emerged that the vast majority of its flagship Galaxy S4 smartphones could be shipped with Qualcomm chips, at least initially.

Analyst: Samsung to overtake Apple with Galaxy S4

The battle is on between Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy S4, as the two industry heavyweights battle it out with their respective mobile devices.

Why Samsung's Galaxy S4 (IV) is not a game-changer

Hype over Samsung's Galaxy S4 (IV) may have reached a fever pitch in recent weeks, but at least two prominent industry analysts seems less than impressed with the smartphone.

Samsung's long-awaited Galaxy S4 is finally here

Samsung has officially unveiled its flagship Galaxy S4 (IV) smartphone. Clearly, this handset is all about the slick specs, which boasts a 5-inch 1080p (1,920 x 1,080) Super AMOLED panel rendering a pixel density of 441 ppi.

Android under attack from Apple

Top Apple church leader and marketing chief Phil Schiller has ordered a crusade against Google's fragmented Android - claiming that only Jobs' Mob can bring the sort of unity that the world desperately needs.

Clash over specs - Samsung's Galaxy S4 (IV)

Samsung is slated to officially debut its flagship Android Jelly Bean-powered Galaxy S4 (IV) smartphone tomorrow.

The specs of Samsung's Galaxy S4

Samsung's long-awaited Galaxy S4 smartphone is slated to be unveiled on March 14th.

Samsung Galaxy S4 to expand touchless gestures

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S4 smartphone will reportedly expand the use of touchless gestures.

Report: Samsung's Exynos 5 to power Galaxy S4

Samsung's uber-popular Chromebook is one of the first real mobile implementations of ARM’s long-awaited Cortex-A15 processor in the form of Samsung’s Exynos 5 dual-core chip.

Samsung Galaxy S4 may boast "unbreakable" OLED display

Samsung's flagship Galaxy S3 handset is one of the most popular smartphones on the market.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumor teases sweet specs

Samsung's flagship Galaxy S3 handset is one of the most popular smartphones currently on the market.

Samsung denies Galaxy S4 rumors

The Galaxy S4 will not be revealed at next year's Mobile World Congress.

Samsung Galaxy S4 due February or March

Samsung will be unveiling its new flagship Android phone early next year, according to reports.